What to Wear: Barbour Flyer Jacket

Words Mary Marquardt | January 16, 2015
Get set for spring with the Barbour waxed canvas Flyer Jacket
Words Mary Marquardt January 16, 2015

Barbour Flyer Jacket Zipped

If you’re unfamiliar with waxed cotton, it was originally created for the sailing industry in Scotland and was adopted by many for its waterproofing capabilities. One of wax cotton’s earliest adopters was Barbour, who created waxed jackets for farmers and motorcycling, with Barbour International adding a motorcycle suit to their lineup in the 1930’s. Worn by nearly every British International team and Steve McQueen in the 1960’s, Barbour forever cemented themselves as the leader in the field.

One of our favorite Barbour jackets is the Flyer – a waxed cotton jacket styled after the iconic designs of those worn by actor and racer, Steve MQcueen.  The Flyer jacket features a 4 oz Sylkoil wax outer that gives it the lightweight feel we’ve come to expect from Barbour as well as allowing the cotton’s natural weave imperfections to be brought out as rich color variations. It has a classic stand-up collar with adjustable buckle closure for cool rides as well as a full front zip and snap closure – a look commonly seen on other motorcycle jackets.

One of things we love most about the Barbour Flyers is that unlike other cycling jackets that can be too fitted and make you feel constricted, the Flyer jacket offers a slim yet roomy cut with no reduced movement at the shoulders or elbows. The roomier cut also allows for storage space in the two deep front pockets and smaller chest pocket. Style wise, the Flyer jacket (like most of Barbour’s designs) bucks current trends and takes a classic style approach, ensuring it will stand the test of time and look as good in ten years as it does today.

You can check out the Barbour Flyer Jacket and Barbour’s other waxed canvas offerings at the official Barbour website.