äktiiv is a game-changer in the activewear industry, focusing on functional, stylish activewear that’s sustainable and eco-friendly

Words Ash Ford
June 14, 2023
äktiiv is a game-changer in the activewear industry, focusing on functional, stylish activewear that’s sustainable and eco-friendly
Words Ash Ford June 14, 2023

As an avid yoga practitioner and and newly inaugurated yoga instructor, it isn’t uncommon for me to spend all day in activewear.  And when it comes to activewear, the choices are seemingly endless.  But the more activewear I’ve tried, the more I’ve realized how difficult it is to find the perfect blend of comfort, style and function in clothing that still manages to put sustainability and eco-friendliness at the forefront – two things I’m extremely passionate about. That’s why, after getting to experience äktiiv – a plant-powered, carbon-neutral, and biodegradable activewear brand that is redefining what sustainability means to the activewear industry – I’m thrilled to recommend them to you.

aktiiv proterra bra and shorts

At the heart of äktiiv is a deeply embedded commitment to using sustainable materials. Their clothing is made from a blend of eucalyptus and beechwood, which is not only incredibly soft and comfortable to wear, but is also biodegradable. It’s easy to overlook the lifespan of conventional clothing, but I love the fact that when I eventually need to retire my äktiiv clothing, it won’t sit in a landfill for hundreds of years like traditional activewear made from synthetic materials, polluting the environment for generations to come.

That fact alone is enough to put äktiiv above the vast majority of other activewear brands, but what really impresses me about the brand is how they’re redefining sustainability in the activewear industry. They don’t just stop at using sustainable materials – they’re committed to being carbon-neutral, too. The fashion industry is notoriously carbon-intensive, so I love seeing a brand taking concrete steps to directly offset their impact. äktiiv achieves carbon-neutrality by using renewable energy in their production process, and by investing in carbon offset projects to compensate for any emissions that can’t be eliminated.

aktiiv proterra bra and shorts


As for how their activewear performs, the beauty of äktiiv is not only do you not have to sacrifice for the sake of the planet, its comfort, fit and function genuinely surpasses conventional, non eco-friendly options. The fabric is absolutely brilliant – it’s incredibly soft with the perfect amount of stretch, which is essential for the range of movement required in yoga practice. And the pants are easily my favorite yoga pants.  They’re insanely comfortable and they stay in place, so I don’t have to constantly adjust them during my classes, which is a huge issue with other brands. And while äktiiv’s comfort and function are perfect, their activewear is also stylish enough to wear outside of the studio – I receive compliments on my äktiiv gear almost any time I wear it out.

All in all, äktiiv is a game-changer in the activewear industry. They’re proving that sustainability doesn’t have to come at the expense of style or function.  When I wear it, I feel like I’m doing something good for the planet and for myself, which in an age of excess and waste with little care for the environment, is a must. If you’re a fellow yogi, athlete, or just someone who cares about the sustainability of what they’re wearing, I highly recommend giving äktiiv a try. Your body, your conscience, and the planet will thank you.

Right now, äktiiv is invite only.  To get on the list, head over their official website to begin your journey to a more sustainable future.