ODDOBODY: Empowering Bodies and Minds Through Organic Cotton Revolution

A Journey Into Sustainable Fashion, Body Positivity, and Unveiling the Power of Conversations

Words Ash Ford
March 08, 2024
A Journey Into Sustainable Fashion, Body Positivity, and Unveiling the Power of Conversations
Words Ash Ford March 08, 2024

In my forever quest for comfortable yet functional underwear, I stumbled upon ODDOBODY and decided to try their white thong and tank. Little did I know that this seemingly basic purchase would redefine my relationship with lingerie. The moment I slipped into the organic cotton ensemble, I felt an unexpected surge of confidence and sensuality. The mere functionality I initially sought was certainly there, but the breathable fabric that allowed my body move unrestrained also made me feel liberated – ODDOBODY wasn’t just about practicality; it was a transformative experience that left me feeling the sexiest I had in a long time. ODDOBODY’s commitment to comfort, sustainability, and body positivity turned a simple purchase into a celebration of self-expression and well-being.

In a world inundated with fast fashion and synthetic materials, ODDOBODY emerges as a beacon of change, blending comfort, style, sustainability, and education seamlessly. Founded by Shira Wheeler and Abigail Gerow, ODDOBODY is not just an underwear brand; it’s a movement that advocates for organic cotton, sustainability, and open conversations about body knowledge.

oddobody roller tank

oddobody roller tank

The Birth of ODDOBODY

ODDOBODY’s inception stems from a simple piece of advice: “always wear 100% cotton underwear,” passed down from Shira and Abigail’s mother. The duo, coming of age during the Sex in the City era, sought to redefine lingerie, searching for simplicity, attractiveness, and elevation in an industry saturated with synthetic fabrics. The scarcity of 100% cotton options led them on a journey that unveiled a lack of scientific data around women’s health and underwear. This realization sparked a mission to make underwear a platform for addressing taboos and fostering relational conversations.

A Commitment to Science and Sustainability

The decision to focus on 100% organic cotton is rooted in both scientific findings and a commitment to environmental responsibility. A 2002 study highlighted the association between synthetic fabric underwear and vulvovaginal candidiasis, supporting the case for natural fibers. However, ODDOBODY didn’t stop there; they delved into the environmental impact of cotton cultivation. Conventional cotton, known for its heavy water and pesticide usage, prompted ODDOBODY to opt for organic cotton. Their fabric, certified by the Global Organic Trade Standard (GOTS), is grown without pesticides, chemical fertilizers, or GMO seeds, ensuring sustainability and reduced irrigation.

By choosing organic cotton, ODDOBODY not only safeguards the health of individuals but also contributes to a more environmentally conscious and ecologically responsible approach to fashion, setting a commendable standard for the industry.

The Power of Cotton and Conversation

ODDOBODY believes in empowering individuals to understand their bodies, fostering curiosity, and breaking down taboos.

In the pursuit of blending scientific understanding with intimate apparel, ODDOBODY transcends conventional fashion boundaries by incorporating ODDOmanuals into their product experience. While meticulously prioritizing the softness and breathability of their organic cotton products, the brand acknowledges the necessity for empirical evidence regarding the correlation between fabric composition and vaginal health. In response to this need, ODDOBODY has not only curated exceptional undergarments but has also strategically woven an educational component into the fabric of their brand ethos.

The inclusion of ODDOmanuals, accompanying each order, serves as a groundbreaking initiative to disseminate scientifically grounded information. These manuals, meticulously crafted in collaboration with medical professionals, delve into an array of topics ranging from menstrual cycles to targeted pelvic floor exercises. By engaging customers with evidence-based insights, ODDOBODY transcends the realm of fashion, positioning itself as a proactive advocate for informed decision-making and holistic well-being. In this symbiotic union of science and style, ODDOBODY not only adorns bodies but also enlightens minds, fostering a paradigm shift in the way we approach intimate health. ODDOBODY believes in empowering individuals to understand their bodies, fostering curiosity, and breaking down taboos.

Sustainable Practices and Circular Economy

Sustainability is foundational to ODDOBODY’s ethos. Rejecting the seasonal model of fast fashion, the brand prioritizes organic cotton’s eco-friendly attributes. By using paper packaging, they minimize environmental impact, addressing the issue of microplastics in the oceans. ODDOBODY acknowledges the challenges of sustainability in a business context but recognizes the shared values of their customers. Their commitment extends to ongoing research and improvement, with plans for exciting initiatives within the circular economy in 2023.

Beyond Fashion: Empowering Through Education

ODDOBODY’s commitment to education is not confined to fabric choices; it extends to the beautifully designed and educational posters accompanying each order. Inspired by the iconic ‘Our Bodies Ourselves’ collective from the 70s, ODDOBODY’s posters cover essential topics with earth-toned graphics and engaging visuals. Collaborating with medical professionals, ODDOBODY aims to inspire conversations, ignite curiosity, and act as a starting point for understanding one’s body.

In a landscape dominated by fashion brands solely focused on aesthetics, ODDOBODY stands as a beacon of conscious consumerism. Their commitment to organic cotton, sustainability, and education reflects a vision where fashion becomes a vehicle for positive change, empowering individuals to make informed choices for their bodies and the planet. ODDOBODY is not just a brand; it’s a movement redefining the way we perceive fashion and fostering a culture of body knowledge and environmental responsibility.

Curated with both comfort and conscious style in mind, the following list unveils some of my must-have picks from ODDOBODY.

  • String Bikini: Combines style and comfort with its delicate design and breathable organic cotton, making every day feel effortlessly chic. String Bikini
  • Thong: A must-have in any wardrobe for a barely-there feel, expertly crafted from 100% organic pima cotton and boasting a sheer touch that redefines comfort and sensuality.  Thong
  • French Cut: Elevating everyday elegance, the ODDOBODY French Cut, with its timeless design and organic cotton bliss, brings a touch of sophistication to your lingerie collection.  French Cut
  • Brief: Without question, a classic favorite, unmatched comfort and style in organic cotton, ensuring a seamless fit for any occasion.  Brief
  • Roller Tank: Quite literally indispensable in my wardrobe, provides unmatched versatility with its organic cotton construction, making it the perfect layer or standalone piece for various looks. Roller Tank
  • Unisex Boxer Brief: A game-changer, organic cotton softness, and a tailored fit for under clothes or to lounge in that redefines comfort for all.  My teenage daughter, who has always had a hate relationship with underwear due to very sensitive skin lives in these. Unisex Boxer Brief