SALT Sunglasses

SALT. Optics offers an incredibly stylish, incredibly functional lineup of sunglasses to fit virtually any summer wardrobe

Words Marcus Bloom
July 22, 2011
SALT. Optics offers an incredibly stylish, incredibly functional lineup of sunglasses to fit virtually any summer wardrobe
Words Marcus Bloom July 22, 2011

Unless you’ve been living in a cave this past week, you know summer is in full force, with temps skyrocketing to triple digits in much of the country.  And while shedding clothes to beat the heat is only natural, the one piece of summer style that’s an absolute requirement to block the sun’s retina-searing rays is a quality pair of sunglasses.  Last year we told you about our adoration for the SALT Vargas sunglasses; since then, our adoration for SALT has only grown.  I take that back.  What once was mere adoration for SALT is now a walk across hot coals, throw myself in front a bus, unwavering love for SALT that rivals the love commonly reserved for a small child or household pet.  It’s a love so strong that I’ve pretty much abandoned other brands of sunglasses entirely, and switched exclusively to SALT.

I’d tell you which pair to buy, but the truth is, I can’t pick.  I’ve yet to find a pair of SALT’s that I don’t love.  Instead of detailing a pair, I’m going to give you a look at multiple pairs that I love.  Every pair we detail are owned by either myself or a member of the eMercedesBenz staff, so when we tell you we love them, we’re not just saying it.  We actually own more pairs than the ones found here, but we had to cut some out, just to avoid turning this article into a 500-page novel.

Before I delve into each of the SALT variants, I want to briefly mention SALT’s lens technology, because it’s found on the full lineup of SALT sunglasses.  Every pair of SALT sunglasses features the incredibly fantastic PFV polarized lens technology.  Whereas polarization is the element that blocks 99 percent of UVA and UVB rays (both of which cause irritation of the cornea and have been linked to cataracts), PFV stands for “prism free vision”.  In the world of sunglasses, a prism is when the optical center of a lens is cut and placed somewhere other than directly over the pupil.  Unless prescribed by a doctor, a prism causes a pulling effect on the eye and leads to distortion, two things you don’t want in a pair of sunglasses.  To combat the effect of prisms, SALT utilizes a prism-free design, meaning the optical center is always placed directly over your pupil.  As a result, you gain distortion free clarity, greater color contrast and maximum eye comfort when compared to other sunglasses.  When matched to the aforementioned polarization, SALT’s PFV polarized design cuts glare, increases color vibrance and improves sharpness better than any other pairs of sunglasses I’ve tried, without question.  They’re a masterpiece of engineering, and they’re the single biggest reason to pick SALT over anyone else.

From a style standpoint, your choices from SALT are extensive, but to give you a look at some of our favorites, here’s a snapshot of some of the SALT sunglasses we own.  Like I said, we actually own even more, but we didn’t want to overwhelm you in a single article.  Read on, and check out each of the styles listed in the gallery below.

SALT Vargas Sunglasses front view

SALT Vargas Sunglasses

SALT. Vargas ($390,
We detailed the SALT Vargas last year, and they’re still just as awesome.  If I could only own one pair of sunglasses, it would have to be a pair of aviators, and the SALT Vargas are the best in the business.  They feature a classic teardrop aviator style that looks great with pretty much anything; they’re ridiculously comfortable; and they feature SALT’s PFV polarized lens technology.  There’s a total of six frame/lens combos, and their style works  equally well on men and women.  There’s certainly no shortage of aviators on the market, but there are none better.  They’re simply perfect.

SALT Warner Sunglasses front view

SALT Warner Sunglasses

SALT. Warner ($400,
If you’re looking for a pair of aviators in a slightly more streamlined package, the SALT Warners feature a semi-wrapped teardrop design.  In many ways, the SALT Warner is a slightly more modern version of the aviators.  They’re still classic, but with a modern edge.  As with the Vargas aviators, the Warners come in a total of six frame/lens color combos, and their style also works for both men and women.

SALT Lester Sunglasses side view

SALT Lester Sunglasses side view

SALT. Lester ($390,
The SALT Lester is a throwback to the frames of a ’70’s naval officer, featuring a predominantly square shape and masculine design.  Like the aviators, the Lester is just as much at home on a woman as it is on a man, and your choice of six vintage color frame/lens combos means the Lester can match anything in your wardrobe.  For a truly vintage look, check out the tempest frame with green bird lenses.

SALT Adler Sunglasses front view

SALT Adler Sunglasses

SALT. Adler (52) ($375,
I love vintage everything, so it goes without saying I love the Adler (52)’s.  Inspired by the legendary looks of the ’50’s and ’60’s, the Adler (52) are a throwback to iconic James Dean and JFK style.  They’re available in three frame/lens color combinations, and while not for modernists, if you’re looking for a present day interpretation of classic style, the Adler (52) is it.  I own two pairs, and I love them both.

SALT Norton Sunglasses front view

SALT Norton Sunglasses

SALT. Norton ($375,
Whereas the Adler (52) is a close relative of the ’50’s and ’60’s glasses, the Norton is the Adler’s more evolved cousin.  Larger than the Adler, the Norton features a square shape with rivets in a classic style, but with a dash of modernity thrown in.  If you want to be retro without being too retro, the Nortons are a great choice.  They’re available in a total of four frame/lens color combos, with my personal favorite unquestionably the brownstone frame with brown gradient lenses.

SALT Holtz Sunglasses front view

SALT Holtz Sunglasses

SALT. Holtz ($375,
Our last pick that applies to the men is the Holtz, which is without question our most modern choice.  Featuring an oversized frame with a modern shape and angles, we’d describe the Holtz as a classic frame, if we were 10 years in the future.  In other words, while it’s modern, the Holtz doesn’t have a contemporary look that you’ll look back on in a decade and wonder what the hell you were thinking.  They’re modern, but they have a distinctly classic quality about them as well.  The Holtz is available in four frame/lens combos, with black tortoise and grey lenses my personal weapon of choice.

SALT Odette Sunglasses side view

SALT Odette Sunglasses

SALT. Odette ($400,
Just for the ladies, the SALT Odette are gorgeously classic, featuring a round butterfly shaped face that multiple members of our staff absolutely love.  In addition to their distinctly feminine design, the Odettes feature gold and silver decor pieces at the temple, both of which contrast perfectly with the beta-titanium temples.  In picking colors, there’s a total of four frame/lens combos, and as with all SALT sunglasses, all feature SALT’s PFV polarized technology.

SALT Harper Sunglasses front view

SALT Harper Sunglasses

SALT. Harper ($400,
Featuring a classic cat-eye shape, the SALT Harper is a luxurious option in SALT’s female lineup.  Despite its luxurious design, the Harper works fantastic with virtually any style, and as with the Odette, the Harper’s feature gold and silver decor pieces at the temple, both of which contrast perfectly with the beta-titanium temples.  The Harper is available in four frame/lens color combinations.

SALT Kyla Sunglasses front view

SALT Kyla Sunglasses

SALT. Kyla ($375,
Our last choice in for distinctly female SALT sunglasses are the Kyla’s, which features a design modeled after a vintage pair of frames.  One of the most unique elements of the Kyla is the beveling, which sits above the brow line, adding a more modern look to the Kyla’s style, while dashes of color throughout the contouring add a gorgeous, subtle luster.  Another fantastic element is the temple contouring at the ear bends, which significantly enhances the Kyla’s comfort.  The SALT Kyla is available in four frame/lens color combinations.

And those, ladies and gentlemen, are just some of the great offerings from SALT.  We’ll almost certainly be bringing you more from SALT in the future, but this will at least get you started on finding the perfect pair of sunglasses to combat the harsh summer rays.  Whatever pair of SALT sunglasses you choose, you truly can’t go wrong with any, as I’ve yet to find a pair I don’t absolutely love.  For more info on SALT. Optics and to check out their full lineup of sunglasses (and regular glasses), head over to the official SALT. Optics website.