Summer Beach Essentials

Words Ali Clark | August 07, 2014
We’ve picked out a few of our favorite products for the beach that will make packing a breeze
Words Ali Clark August 07, 2014

There’s only a few weeks left of summer vacation, but if you plan on hitting the beach or the pool, make sure you stay comfortable by packing a bag filled with summer essentials.  To make the job easier,  we’ve selected a few of our favorite  essentials that we’ve been using this summer to make heading out to the beach or the pool a breeze.

SealLine Bags

SealLine Bags

Kicking things off, you’re going to need a beach bag to stow your summer gear. Keep in mind no matter how careful you are with your bag, it’s going to get full of sand and get dirty and will inevitably get wet. To eliminate the stress of protecting your bag and its contents, check out the SealLine bags.  They’re waterproof and sturdy enough to be dragged in the sand all summer long. Not only does it keep the elements out , it keeps spill in, meaning if you forget about a drink in your bag, you don’t have to worry about your car’s interior getting spilled on as well. My favorite feature of the SealLine bags?  Cleanup.  Spray it off with a garden hose or toss it in the shower and rinse.  It’s as easy as that.

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PackTowl Towels


Now that you’ve got your bag, you’re going to have to pack it. Cut down on space by using PackTowl towels instead of standard towels. They’re made from material that can absorb 10x their weight and wring out almost completely dry to pack back up into its book sized case without water-logging everything else in your bag. They save a tons of space and weight and eliminate the full load of wet towels you would otherwise need to wash.  PackTowls are a must for any beach bag – but also great for home use as well, saving closet space and laundry.

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Colorescience Makeup + Sunscreen and MDMoms Sunscreen for Kids

Sunforgettable Mineral Sunscreen Brush

Even if you’re wearing sun clothes to the beach, some skin is going to be exposed and sun protection for you and your children should never be overlooked. For adults, the Sunforgttable collection from Colorescience is an easy choice. It leaves your skin looking great at the beach while offering up to SPF 50 and is easy to reapply regularly throughout the day for continued protection. In addition to the beach, I personally carry the Mineral Suncreen Brush in my purse everywhere I go. For kids, I’m hooked on MDMoms suncreen.  Unlike most suncreens on the market that are chemical sunscreens, absorbing UV radiation, the Baby Silk Babysafe Sunscreen Towelettes protect agains UVA and UVB rays by blocking the rays. The towelettes also make application easy and mess free.

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SALT Sunglasses

SALT Optics

Protecting your eyes is essential during the summer, and my favorite sunglasses come from SALT Optics. It doesn’t matter what style frame you choose, the magic is in their lenses. SALT lenses are made from PFV Polarized CR-39 material that is able to filter out certain types of sunlight to reduce glare. What this means for you is that when you put them on, the world becomes clearer and more beautiful, as you can see detail that would otherwise be hidden behind the sun’s harsh glare. While they don’t make a children’s line (which we’re hoping they someday do), if you have older kids, a pair of sunglasses from SALT is worth the investment. For little ones who aren’t ready for the real thing, check out Babiators, a kids version of aviators that are functional and durable.

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E-Case Cases

E-Case Waterproof Cases

Document your trip to the beach with your iPhone or iPad without fear with E-Case Cases. You can splash it, dunk it, bury it in sand or just about anything else you can think to do with it at the beach and your phone or tablet will stay completely dry. So now you can take pictures of your kids above or below the water and update your Twitter letting everyone know that you’re at the beach while they’re not. And if you’re worried you may get a leaky case, every case is tested in Seattle where it’s made to ensure that it’s airtight for a minimum of 30 minutes before shipping it out to you.

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