Engine Lineup for the 2014 E-Class Facelift Revealed

Words Jim Davis | December 12, 2012
The standard E-Class range will be offered with just one petrol engine in two states of tune – turbocharged E200 and the E250
Words Jim Davis December 12, 2012

Mercedes-Benz has revealed its significantly updated E-Class.  The mid-life makeover includes revised styling, updated engines, a higher level of standard equipment, new safety features and high-tech options.  The changes are described as the most comprehensive in Mercedes’ history and happen in the face of executive opposition that is stiffer than ever.

The heavily revised E-Class is set to get its first public outing at the Detroit Motor Show in January.  Pricing has yet to be announced but Mercedes suggest that they won’t change much.

The major thrust of Mercedes’ efforts to lift the appeal of the E-Class centers around its styling, which has been altered more significantly than is usual for a mid-life facelift, most notably at the front.  The quad headlamp treatment which had been a key design feature for the E-Class since 1995, is gone, to be replaced by a more conventional appearance with more prominent single-assembly headlights that feature LED daytime running lights as standard.

Further changes have been made to the grille, where there are now two options, one sporty and the other more traditional.  The front bumper bonnet are also revised.

The heavily structured rear wheel-arches have been smoothed to give the car a more cohesive appearance.  A new crease line runs from the rear door through to the tail lights, which retain the same shape but receive new LED-imbued graphics, whose horizontal emphasis is meant to widen the car visually.  There is also a re-profiled rear bumper.

The standard E-Class range will be offered with just one petrol engine in two states of tune.  The turbocharged 2.0 litre unit is available with 181bhp in the E200 and 208bhp in the E250.  A third petrol option will be offered in the yet to be revealed E63 AMG, which is tipped to offer an incremental increase over the 518bhp of the current twin-turbo 5.5 litre V8.

Two carried over diesels are planned: a 2.1 litre four-cylinder with 134bhp in the E200 CDI, 168bhp in the E220 CDI and 201bhp in the E250 CDI, and a 3.0 litre V6 with 248bhp in the E350.

Autocar via German Car Forums