Key New Features On the 2015 E-Class

Words John Clark | February 17, 2015
The key new feature of the 2015 generation vehicle is a new internet-enabled telematics generation boasting high-performance multimedia devices and navigation systems
Words John Clark February 17, 2015

Mercedes-Benz has further enhanced the E-Class in terms of a number of details. The key new feature of the 2015 generation vehicle is a new internet-enabled telematics generation boasting high-performance multimedia devices and navigation systems and enabling convenient use of the versatile options afforded by modern communications technology.

Mercedes-Benz E-Class – 2015 generation

Mercedes-Benz E-Class – 2015 generation

With the new telematics generation Mercedes-Benz remains at the forefront of the rapidly evolving world of communications and media technology. Paired with a Bluetooth®-enabled mobile phone with data option, the modern COMAND Online multimedia system in the E-Class offers internet functionality, enabling the internet to be surfed without restrictions when the vehicle is stationary. While on the move, Mercedes-Benz Apps such as “Mercedes-Benz Radio” and “Service Mercedes-Benz” can be used unlimited.

As standard the E-Class comes with a basic telephony feature, which connects the mobile phone with the vehicle via a standardised Bluetooth® interface and is fitted with a hands-free function. Optionally it can also be used with the new, fast LTE mobile phone network. This 4th-generation (4G) location-independent wireless broadband internet access enables download speeds of up to 300 Mbps and upload speeds of up to 75 Mbps, transferring data considerably faster than the conventional 3G network. As a result, in addition to making conventional telephone calls, it is also possible to make use of such features as Multimedia Messaging Services, video chat, high-definition radio as well as mobile TV functions virtually instantaneously.

As previously, three multimedia systems are available for the E-Class. The Audio 20 CD is installed as standard and can also be selected with the preinstallation for the Garmin® MAP PILOT, a new navigation system in the E-Class. Alternatively, Mercedes-Benz offers the COMAND Online system including DVD single drive. A common feature to all systems is a high-resolution 17.8 cm (7-inch) colour Media Display with a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels and impressive animations and 3D effects.

Mercedes-Benz E-Class – 2015 generation

Mercedes-Benz E-Class – 2015 generation

Audio 20 CD – optional with new navigation system

The Audio 20 CD multimedia system is fitted as a radio with twin tuners, traffic information decoder, CD drive (MP3 and other music formats), Bluetooth® interface with address transfer from mobile phone to the head unit, Media Interface integrated into the head unit for the support of iPhone® or iPod®, two USB ports and an SD card slot.

The optional Garmin® MAP PILOT navigation system, which is new in the E-Class, stores its map data set on an SD card and boasts the attractive and well-established look and feel of Garmin. It can be operated via the controller as well as voice control – the Integrated Speech Dialog System (SDS), including Text-to-Speech (TTS). The necessary software to enable this is also stored on the SD card. The navigation system provides the three-dimensional display of terrain and various buildings in a particularly clear and realistic manner. Points of Interest (POI) can also be input and displayed by the navigation software. Furthermore, route destinations can be downloaded via the internet and followed.

COMAND Online – the comprehensive multimedia system

As an alternative to the Audio 20 CD, Mercedes-Benz offers COMAND Online as a multimedia system in the E-Class, including DVD single drive. Navigation, phone, audio, video, internet – with the COMAND control and display system the driver is able to maintain an overview, as well as control of, these and many other functions. Operation is simple and intuitive. Fast, dynamic hard-disc navigation with realistic topographic map display including 3D POIs and city models, fast navigation performance and short loading times thanks to the integral 200 GB hard disc and three years of free navigation updates all help to ensure drivers enjoy a relaxed motoring experience, whatever the destination. Storage/import/display of personal POIs on the map are also possible.

Mercedes-Benz E-Class – 2015 generation

Mercedes-Benz E-Class – 2015 generation

Live Traffic – most accurate traffic information

In addition, the Live Traffic Information service is included free of charge for three years from the date of initial registration. It helps to ensure optimum dynamic route guidance with precisely calculated arrival times while delivering highly accurate traffic information. To achieve this, Live Traffic Information gathers and transfers high quantities of traffic data from various sources, including “floating car data” technology for example. The data are transferred via the internet with the aid of a communication module with integral SIM card. Since data roaming is included, Live Traffic is not only available in Germany but also in many European countries. Thanks to comprehensive and up-to-date information on possible delays, their causes and primarily the direct impact on the planned route, the driver is able to make an informed decision on whether a detour should be made onto one of the alternative routes suggested by the system, if required, in order to avoid unnecessary delays in tailbacked traffic.

Entertainment on demand is assured by the COMAND Online system thanks to a DVD player, radio and also interfaces for connecting external devices. A further highlight of COMAND Online is the LINGUATRONIC voice control system for audio, phone, navigation and music search functions and also control of the Mercedes-Benz Apps. Among other things, it enables so-called one-shot entry of city, street and house number in a single command, including input of stopovers, and also a text-to-speech function for reading out traffic reports on the route and also personal text messages.
Another new addition to the E-Class family in 2015 is the E 220 BlueTEC 4MATIC. Its four-cylinder diesel engine generates 125 kW (170 hp) and delivers 400 Nm of torque.