Mercedes CLS Shooting Brake Turned Police Cruiser

Words John Clark | September 25, 2013
Finnish magazine, Tekniikan Maailma, donates Mercedes CLS 350 Shooting Brake for Police Use
Words John Clark September 25, 2013

Finnish magazine, Tekniikan Maailma, (translated to mean Technology World) asked its readers to help decide who was most deserving of a new vehicle to celebrate their 60th anniversary.  The resounding answer from their readers – the police for traffic control.

Choosing who was deserving was the easy part, choosing what kind of vehicle should be donated took a little more research. It needed to be a car that was fast, performed well in bad weather and was environmentally friendly.  The vehicle finally decided on by Tekniikan Maailma‘s President was none other than the Mercedes-Benz CLS 350 CDI Shooting Brake 4MATIC.  It’s flashy, fast, great in bad weather and gets an average of 6.7 l per 100 km (1.8 gallons per 62 miles)

Check out the video (if you don’t speak Finnish, skip in 36 seconds for the car in action) and photo gallery below for a look at the Mercedes CLS Shooting Brake transformation for passenger car to Police vehicle.

HT: Antzo