Omala: Transformative Tools for Mindful Living

Elevate Your Space, Enrich Your Journey, and Embrace Total Well-Being with Omala’s Ethical and Inspirational Wellness Solutions

Words Ash Ford
March 08, 2024
Elevate Your Space, Enrich Your Journey, and Embrace Total Well-Being with Omala’s Ethical and Inspirational Wellness Solutions
Words Ash Ford March 08, 2024

In the midst of life’s relentless pace, I found myself struggling to keep up, battling feelings of anxiety, stress, and unfulfillment — something needed to change, and that change had to begin within me. It was around this time that I received a thoughtful and life altering gift—an Omala Connect Journal, a gesture that marked the beginning of my mindfulness journey.

Omala, a brand founded by Dr. Scott Lyons, more on Dr. Scott Lyons can be found here, a distinguished clinical psychologist and Mind-Body Medicine practitioner, goes beyond creating beautiful products. It’s a beacon of transformation, a gentle guide on the path to mindful living. Omala’s commitment to mindfulness doesn’t end with creating beautiful, transformative products, their ethical practices are a testament to their holistic approach, extending Omala’s positive impact beyond individuals to the broader spectrum of our shared world.

Omala prioritizes responsibly sourcing and manufacturing its items, minimizing its environmental footprint, and contributing to a sustainable future. Notably, the charitable giving with each purchase to organizations like To Write Love on Her Arms, Active Minds, and Mental Health America showcases Omala’s dedication to making a positive impact on mental health and well-being globally.

The Art of Mindful Simplification: Elevate Your Space, Elevate Your Mind

Omala’s philosophy transcends mere product design; it’s a lifestyle. The Art of Mindful Simplification invites you to declutter not just physical spaces but the mind. Embracing minimalism with purpose, Omala fosters a sanctuary for the senses, where each product contributes to a mindful, intentional way of living. From natural fabrics to essential oil blends, every item is crafted for a sensory experience that soothes and rejuvenates.

Tools for Transformation: Nourishing Your Mind, Body, and Practice

The yoga mat, a sacred space for self-expression and self-discovery, becomes a tangible reflection of the journey within with Omala’s Aurora Color-Changing Yoga Mat. It adapts to movements and body temperature, mirroring the essence of mindfulness and fostering a deeper connection to the self.



Scent, a powerful tool in influencing mood and mental states, plays a profound role in the mindful living experience. Crafted from essential oils, Omala’s scents serve as intentional companions in the practice of mindfulness. These fragrances are not just pleasant aromas; they are reminders to be present and attuned to the senses, creating a sensory-rich environment that enhances overall well-being.

Blocks, commonly used in yoga to modify poses and provide support, take on a symbolic significance in Omala’s collection. The Reverb Block & Bands Set serves not only as physical support but as catalysts for growth and exploration. They encourage practitioners to push boundaries, deepen stretches, and enhance strength. The blocks become tangible reminders that growth and transformation often occur when we step outside our comfort zones, both on and off the mat.

The Relief: Tension Release Massage Balls cater to both the physical and mental aspects of well-being. In the practice of mindfulness, releasing tension from the body is interconnected with freeing the mind. These intuitive self-massage tools facilitate deep relief, allowing practitioners to let go of physical and mental stress. The act of using these balls becomes a mindful ritual, fostering a connection between body and mind.

Why This Matters in the Context of Mindfulness and Yoga

Mindfulness and yoga are holistic practices that emphasize the interconnectedness of the mind, body, and spirit. The transformative potential of these practices is significantly amplified when incorporating tools aligned with these principles. By seamlessly integrating mindfulness principles into their products, Omala empowers individuals on their journey towards self-discovery, growth, and mindful living. Whether you’re starting your morning with a deep stretch, dedicating time for a midday workout, or winding down your evening with meditation, Omala’s tools are designed to support every moment of your wellness journey. My own journey took a transformative turn with an Omala Connect Journal, and I encourage you to embark on your mindfulness journey with Omala, just as I did.

Total Transformation Bundle: Elevate Your Practice and Presence

For those on a quest for a complete transformation of mind, body, and practice, Omala introduces the Total Transformation Bundle. This thoughtfully curated bundle combines elements designed to enhance every facet of your wellness journey. The Aurora Color-Changing Yoga Mat takes center stage, adapting to your movements and offering a real-time reflection of your present moment. It becomes more than a mat; it becomes a dynamic canvas for self-discovery and growth.

To ensure your mat stays revitalized, the bundle includes the Renew Crystal Mat Cleansing Mist. This organic cleansing spray, formulated with antibacterial ingredients and regenerative crystals, not only preserves the grip and lifespan of your mat but also provides a refreshing and inspiring practice environment. Deepen your practice further with the Reverb Block & Bands Set, a versatile combination that supports stability, enhances stretches, and increases strength within a single practice.

Complete your transformative journey with Relief: Tension Release Massage Balls. These intuitive self-massage tools offer deep relief, fostering flexibility, comfort, and efficient recovery. Whether you’re starting your morning with a rejuvenating stretch or winding down your evening with a peaceful meditation, the Total Transformation Bundle stands as a comprehensive companion, supporting every moment of your wellness journey.  Find it at Omala.

Total Transformation Bundle

Total Transformation Bundle

Connect & Nourish Bundle: A Gift of Inspiration

The Connect & Nourish Bundle from Omala is so much more than a mere collection of products; it’s a heartfelt invitation to blissful awareness and deep connection. This bundle serves as a transformative gift, encapsulating the essence of mindfulness and intentional living. At its core is the Nourish Skin Balm Candle, a sensory journey in itself. As it burns, it releases aromatherapeutic essential oils, creating a calming atmosphere that nurtures the soul. Simultaneously, the melted mineral wax transforms into a rich skin balm, providing luxurious nourishment for both body and spirit.

Paired with the Nourish Skin Balm Candle is the Seeds of Intention™ Journaling Kit, a creation by Dr. Scott Lyons, Omala’s visionary founder. This kit includes two guided journals—Manifest and Connect—with mindful prompts for self-reflection. The journals guide you in moving past obstacles, gaining clarity, and manifesting powerful intentions. Reinforce your desires by writing on seeded paper cards, planting these seeds of intention, and witness as they blossom into existence.

The Connect & Nourish Bundle stands as a perfect gift for a loved one embarking on a new journey or seeking inspiration for a fresh beginning. It is a thoughtful ode to mindfulness and transformation, a reminder that intentional living and self-discovery are gifts that keep on giving. Find it out direct from Omala.

Connect & Nourish Bundle

Connect & Nourish Bundle