Gift Guide: Young Living Essential Oils

Words Ali Clark | December 15, 2013
Young Living Essential Oils and Diffusers make the perfect gift this holiday season for even the hardest to buy for
Words Ali Clark December 15, 2013

Christmas is a mere 10 days away, and if you’re like the majority of men out there, you’re still struggling to find the perfect gift for that significant someone in your life.  But for all of you facing this dilemma considering yet another bottle of perfume, a piece of unwanted jewelery or a sweater that will end up collecting dust, may I make a recommendation she’s almost certainly going to love:  Young Living Essential Oils.  It’s a scent collection of pure essential oils that bring incredibly great smells into the comfort of your own home.

Young Living offers dozens of essential oils and blends like lavender, cinnamon, neroli, thieves and frankincense, each of which notes a distinct benefit to your everyday health.  Some are used for mental clarity, some for relaxation, some for rejuvenation, some for overall health, and the list goes on.  But when you consider the benefits, You Living Essential Oils are a unique way to not only give a non-generic gift, but also to show your partner you care about them as well.

If you’re new to Young Living, I have to warn you:  there’s a huge assortment of oils to choose from.  If the idea of picking from the hundreds of oils available seems daunting, fret not.  In order to better direct you in your Christmas buying endeavor, I’m going to tell you about a number of essential oil products that I personally love that will ensure that the special someone in your life receive a gift that’s equally as special as they are.

Young Living Essential Oils Everyday Kit

Young Living Essential Oils Everyday Kit

My first recommendation if you’re new to Young Living is the Essential Oil Collections, which offer groupings of the more popular oils. Two of the collections that I’ve personally given as gift and bought for myself are the Everyday Oils and the Feelings Collection.  In the Everyday Oils collection there’s a variety of oils for your home, health and body, and it include some of my favorite and most used oils like lavender (amazing for relaxing), peppermint (great for headaches and when you need a mental boost), thieves (used to keep away common colds), and purification (great for giving your house that fresh clean smell).

The Feelings Kit is a little bit different, as it’s designed specifically for mental clarity and balance.  As with all the oils I’ve tried, the smells are amazing.  Applied directly to the body or diffused into the air, each blend has a specific purpose. My absolute favorite oil blend is the Present Time blend with Neroli, spruce and ylang ylang, as is it offers an incredible feeling of rejuvenation every time you use it.  Picture the feeling you get as you indulge in your favorite spa treatment – that’s precisely what it’s like.  It improves focus, it’s calming, and it works by simply placing a few drops on your wrist or adding it to a differser as you get ready for the day.

Young Living Aria Ultrsonic Diffuser and TheraPro

Young Living Aria Ultrsonic Diffuser and TheraPro

And speaking of diffusers, if you want the perfect gift to pair with your gift of essential oils, I have two recommendations for you – both of which I have personally used myself.  The first is the TheraPro Premium Diffuser, something that is without question the best way to diffuse essential oils. It works by atomizing the oil and dispersing it into the air, filling your home with whichever scent you choose. You can choose how much oil is diffused d and how often with the dials on the back, and it’s small enough and sturdy enough to sit on a counter, floor or table top. I keep one in my children’s room for diffusing lavender at night for a peaceful bedtime and one in our living area where I diffuse scents like cinnamon, purification and thieves.  I can’t tell you how many compliments I’ve received from everyone that visits my house, as it completely enhances my home’s overall ambience.  And if you buy online from Young Living (as I did), it also comes with a bottle of Thieves oil, which makes it a great all-in-one gift as well.

If you need a gift for the spa lover in your life, instead of sending them to the spa for a half day of treatments, spend the same amount on a gift that can be enjoyed every day with the Aria Ultrasonic Diffuser.  I keep mine near my bath (it’s electric, so don’t set it anywhere it could potentially fall in), and after a long and stressful day, it’s like having my own personal spa in-home.  Turn it on and enjoy the calming effects of the essential oils, multicolored LED lights and pre-recorded mood music, all from a single diffuser.  You can also plug in and play your own music, but I’ve yet to move on from the calming sounds that come built-in.  Another wonderful benefit of the Aria Ultrasonic Diffuser is the remote, which allows you to turn it on or off, change the lighting, set a timer or turn the music up/down, which is very convenient, especially in a bathroom setting like my own. The Aria Ultrasonic Diffuser currently comes with peppermint and Christmas Spirit, again making it an ideal all-in-one gift as well.

While smell is the sense most people overlook, believe me when I tell you the importance of scents in your everyday life.  I’ve yet to find anything that relaxes me as much as Young Living Essential Oils, and thanks to the two diffusers I’ve mentioned, I’ve managed to incorporate them into my everyday life to further enhance my home’s atmosphere and my family’s overall well-being.  If you’re not convinced that essential oils are the perfect gift, head over to Young Living and read the reviews and descriptions for yourself.  And, after Christmas, when you’ve succeded in outdoing all others in the gift giving area, feel free to send me a thank you note.