Brooks Running Shoes

Words Mary Marquardt | June 05, 2014
When it comes to Brooks running shoes, they’re simply the best
Words Mary Marquardt June 05, 2014

I consider running the perfect sport – anyone can do it and yet it’s challenging for even the elite athlete. Growing up, however, I was told that “running just isn’t your sport”, but when I hit 30, I decided that whether I was a runner or not I was going to give it a shot. My first run ended horribly with shin splints, sore ankles and blisters. Instead of giving up, however, I sought the advice of my co-workers who were more avid runners to find out what I was doing wrong. The overwhelming response?  It likely had something to do with my shoes, and as I’d come to learn, they couldn’t have been more right.

Their advice (which I followed) was to take a trip to a local shoes store where they offered a gait analysis to help me find out what type of runner I was.  In doing so, I could then find the type of shoes that fit me best, because no matter what some athletic brands advertise, there is not a shoe that’s one-size fits all.  In my search for the perfect running shoe however, I did find a brand that had not only the perfect pair of shoes for me due to their highly personalized range of running shoes, but one that eventually became the brand of choice for my entire family. The brand my feet have fallen in love with is Brooks, a Seattle based company that’s focused on doing one thing- making the best running gear on the planet. And in my opinion, they’ve succeeded.

As my running analysis showed me, I’m a neutral runner with little to no pronation, so for me I wear the Brooks Ghost 6 (I previously wore the Ghost 5 and have every intention of ordering the new Ghost 7 this fall). What’s been so amazing about both the Ghost 5 and 6 is that there’s no break-in period – I put them on, they fit me perfectly, and they instantly alleviated my ankle and blister problems. My Brooks Ghost are incredible as high mileage shoes as well, as they weigh only 8.6 oz, making them extremely lightweight and perfect for long runs where your shoes can sometimes feel like ankle weights by the end. By the end of your run in the Ghost, you forget you’re even wearing them.

The light, bouncy, and balanced ride of the Ghost has haunted the dreams of many competitors -- and it's about to get frighteningly good. We've taken the transition from silky to ridiculously smooth by removing the midfoot shank and creating full ground contact from heel to toe. The underfoot gets even more love with a horseshoe Segmented Crash Pad that wraps the heel from medial to lateral sides and articulates the laydown. What does all that mean? Looking as good as it feels, you'll fall in love with this friendly ghost.  We’re not the only people who have fallen in love: Runner’s World® named the Ghost 6 "Editor’s Choice" in the Fall Shoe Guide in their September 2013 issue… the fourth straight Ghost to earn the honor. They called out the new forefoot overlays welded on rather than stitched, but really loved “how fluidly the shoe rolls from heel-strike to toe-off." In short, the Ghost 6 offers "a sweet balance of weight, cushioning, and everyday durability" – and the editors say "The lightest Ghost we've seen leaves nothing out." Can you say "Four-peat"? Spooky good.

Brooks Ghost 6

The crash pad on the Ghost 6 ensures a soft landing, spreading out the impact you would normally feel with each foot strike giving you an extremely comfortable and smooth run. The tongue of the Ghost is padded to prevent shoelace pain overtime but breathable to keep your feet cool. With its light, bouncy and comfortable ride, it is not surprising that the Ghost 6 has won several awards including the Runner’s World Editor’s Choice.  Bottom line, the Brooks Ghost are the most comfortable pair of shoes I have ever owned and my goto shoe for even my most grueling of runs.  Even more importantly, however, is they’ve allowed me to overcome the obstacles that were originally hindering me and making me feel like running wasn’t for me, and instead showing me that even I can do it.

Adrenaline GTS 14

Adrenaline GTS 14

I’m love my Brooks so much that I then forced my husband to get fitted for his own pair as well.  My husband has flat feet and slightly pronates as he runs, and because of this, he opted for the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 14.  The shoe offers stability and a super smooth ride by using cushioning that’s on the firmer side, offering plenty of support to prevent pain from pronation but still incredibly comfortable on longer runs (his words, not mine). Like the Ghost 6 that I wear, the Adrenaline GTS 14 were perfect from the first run on with no break-in period, and by the end of his first run, my husband told me they were so comfortable he forgot he was even wearing them. And as a runner, if at the end of a long run you’ve forgotten about your feet, you’ve found the perfect shoe.

Built for boundless energy, the Kids’ PureFlow 3 follows in the footsteps of the adult version, offering light and flexible comfort for girls on the run. With parent-approved design for growing feet, and kid-approved looks, these kicks are playground ready. The PureFlow 3 is also available in SMALLER SIZES with a hook-and-loop closure for little fingers who haven’t quite got the shoelace thing figured out.

Brooks PureFlow 3 Girls

For my first year in running, my son and daughter road their bikes next to me, but this summer, they decided they too wanted to run. It was an easy choice for me on who to go to to protect their feet and their knees.  Both my son and daughter wear the Brooks PureFlow designed with the same technology as the adult versions. The PureFlow are extremely lightweight and flexible to ensure all-day comfort for running around the playground (or in my case, running along side me on the road). While the features of the PureFlow are sure to make  parents happy ensuring the comfort and safety of your growing child, their styling was designed to make even the pickiest of kids happy. It features bright contrasting colors with the option of straight shoelaces or a hook and loop closure for little ones that haven’t mastered the shoelace thing.

I would rarely recommend a product or brand as the best for everyone, but when it comes to Brooks running shoes, I have yet to find a brand that does it better for anyone interested in running. Check them out at BrooksRunning.com to find out which shoe is best for you (made easier with their super easy-to-use fit guide), order a pair, and run better than you ever dreamed you could.