UGG Men’s Butte Boots

Words Marcus Bloom | December 01, 2011
The UGG Butte offers a waterproof leather upper with an eVent membrane and a Vibram outsole provides durability and traction
Words Marcus Bloom December 01, 2011

If you live anywhere in the northern half of the country, I don’t need to tell you the necessity of owning a quality pair of boots to help get you through the winter.  This winter, in particular, has been particularly fun, as just a couple weeks ago we were blessed with some 18 inches over a 24-hour period.  When it comes to selecting a pair of boots, I’m a big fan of boots that are, first and foremost, functional, but I’m also a fan of boots that look good.  This winter, following the first of what would turn out to be many snowstorms, I decided to indulge in a new pair of boots for everyday use.  Eventually, I settled on the UGG Men’s Butte Boots, and it’s without question one of the best style decisions I made this winter.

In terms of my criteria when seeking out new boots, it came down to a few key elements.  I wanted a pair of boots that leaned towards the casual side – almost like a pair of work boots – but with a dash of elegance thrown in.  I also wanted boots that came up high enough to keep the snow out, boots that were warm, and most importantly, boots that were waterproof.  The Ugg Men’s Butte Boots hit each of the criteria head on, and after picking up a pair, they’ve since become a vital addition to my winter wardrobe.

Designed as the ultimate cold weather boot by UGG Australia, the men’s Butte is loaded with technology to keep you comfortable in even the coldest conditions.  Outside, a waterproof full grain leather upper is mated to an exclusive Vibram outsole designed specifically for UGG Australia.  The leather upper does a fantastic job at keeping the water out, whereas the Vibram outsole has the perfect level of flexibility at your foot’s natural flex points, eliminating the stiffness common in so many other boots.  Inside, the UGG Men’s Butte features a sheepskin sock liner along with a breathable waterproof eVent membrane.  The sheepskin liner is both removable and replaceable, and it does a fantastic job wicking away moisture and keeping your feet warm and dry.

Using the UGG Men’s Butte day-in and day-out in sub-zero temps and bunches of snow, they’ve lived up to their billing.  They’re incredibly warm and comfortable; they’re impervious to the elements; and they exemplify casual sophistication.  Throw them on with a pair of jeans and a wool jacket or down vest and you’re good to go.  You also have the option to wear the men’s Butte with the cuffs up or down, so when the snow get’s extra deep, you gain an even greater level of protection from snow infiltration.

With pricing set at $220, the UGG Men’s Butte are a fantastic buy for an all winter boot.  They come in three colors – black, club brown and worchester – and you can pick any of them up from UGG Australia.