Koalabi Australia Kids Boots

Words Alissa Clark | December 20, 2013
Koalabi kids boots are a stylish way to keep your children’s feet warm, dry and stylish in the winter
Words Alissa Clark December 20, 2013

A brisk winter storm is currently blanketing much of the U.S., and with it a lovely winter snowfall that you may or may not be prepared for.  In my case, a bigger snowfall earlier in the year meant a trip to my kids’ winter storage bin to find their winter boots, only for me to discover that both had outgrown their previous year’s boots, despite both pairs of boots being too big last year.  So much for buying in advance, right?  And so my latest adventure into buying kids winter boots began.

As with any good boot, I wanted to find ones that would keep my kids’ feet warm no matter how low the temperature got, but also boots that they could wear both outside and as normal footwear.  Also, because my kids hate wearing socks, something that would work without socks was also on my list of wants.  After a huge amount of mom research, I stumbled  upon Koalabi Australia, makers of genuine sheepskin boots from Melbourne Australia. Their boot designs are built with 100% authentic double sided sheepskin so that you have smooth suede outers and cushioned sheepskin interiors, making them perfectly insulated for winter wear, while keeping your feet cool by absorbing excess moisture in warmer temps.  The benefit is that you can wear them in a wider range of climates, and best of all, you can wear them with or without socks.

About the only disadvantage with Koalabi is deciding which pair to get, as they’ve taken the idea of a traditional sheepskin boot and created trendy fashion footwear in several styles and colors, both for kids and adults. I loved my kids’ boots so much I actually bought several pairs for myself and husband, which I’m going to talk about in another article. But for your kids, I wanted to share my favorite Koalabi Australia boots – the Koalabi Kids Original Boots and the Koalabi Airlie Boots.

Koalabi Kids Original Boots front

Koalabi Kids Original Boots front

Koalabi Kids Original Boots

For my son, I took the classic route and chose the Koalabi Kids Original boots, almost an exact replica of the adult Australian made original. Designed from double faced sheepskin and raising to about mid-calf, the Kids Original is insulating enough for almost any weather condition, and with its classic style, it is perfect for almost any occasion.  Despite my son wearing his boots almost everyday since I bought them, they’ve shown little wear and are holding up incredibly well.  But, best of all, unlike many other winter boots, my son can put them on and take them off himself, which makes getting ready to head out the door so much easier.

Koalabi Airlie Boots

Koalabi Airlie Boots front

Koalabi Airlie Boots

My daughter (being her stylish two year old self) actually helped choose her own boots, and she picked the Airlie.  Fitted with elastic lacing in the back, the Airlie again is fairly easy to get on and off, and adjusts to her growing feet. Like the Kids Original Boots, warmth and comfort are two of the Airlie’s main benefits, but with an added dash of style thrown in for good measure. They’re also made from 100% Australian double faced sheepskin which keeps my daughter’s feet are dry and warm. Another benefit of these (and all) Koalabi kid boots is that they’re all lightweight when compared to normal winter boots, making it easy for kids of all ages to stay active when wearing them, unlike the bulky winter boots that tend to weigh your kids down.

To see more of both boots, you can check out both the Koalabi Kids Original and Airlie Boots in the photo gallery below, then head over to Koalabi’s site for both ordering info and a look at all their different styles.