Words Ali Clark | December 07, 2015
One of my greatest finds this year has been Mahabis, a brand based out of London that’s reinvented the slipper
Words Ali Clark December 07, 2015

Like it or not winter’s in full force here in the States, with snow and low temps blanketing much of the U.S.  And I don’t know about you, but every year when the snow hits, I’m reinvigorated to find new ways of staying warm and comfy all season long.

One of my greatest finds this year has been Mahabis, a brand based out of London that’s reinvented the slipper. Like your favorite slippers of old, they’re warm, comfortable and functional. But as slipper conneiseurs know, the biggest problem with any slipper is that you have to take them off when you leave the house, switching from the warm and toasty comfort of slippers to cold and uncomfortable outdoor footwear.  And that’s where Mahabis are different.  Unlike other slippers that require a footwear change when going outside, Mahabis don’t.  Instead, you simply slip on Mahabi’s detachable soles – soles that allow you to wear the same slippers inside and out without bringing the dirt in.  Even better is the fact that Mahabis look as good as they feel, with a variety of stylish color combinations to match any taste.

After wearing my Mahabis Classic for a month, there are a few things which stood out to me, starting with their construction.   Made from soft sheep’s wool, Mahabi’s are warm, soft and super comfortable, yet breathable enough that you won’t suffer from sweaty foot syndrome found in some other slippers.  They also have cushioned insoles, another way Mahabis upped the comfort level.  As for the soles, they come in a multitude of colors (perfect for both men and women),  and they’re easy to slip on and attach with only one hand, without the need to take the slippers off.  And did I mention they look great?  Mahabis are simple, handsome, and the perfect companion to any casual winter wardrobe.

If you’re looking for some warm and comfy winter footwear, I can’t recommend Mahabis highly enough – I’m completely hooked.  To snag a pair (or two) for yourself, head over to the Mahabi’s online store, pick your favorite colors, and give your feet the slippers they deserve.