Keen Tryon WP Shoes

Words Marcus Bloom | May 12, 2011
The Keen Tryon WP combines superb comfort and excellent durability, making it an exceptional choice for a trail running shoe
Words Marcus Bloom May 12, 2011

With spring in full force and summer knocking on our doors, it’s time to get outside and take in all the glory Mother Nature has to offer.  One of the easiest ways to take advantage of the gorgeous weather is running, and one of the ways I love putting in miles is getting off the road and onto the trails.

Unlike traditional running, where surfaces are smooth and flat, trail running is an entirely different animal, with rocky, uneven surfaces the norm; water and mud an everyday occurrence; and the chance of injury that much greater than running on the road.  When I first tried trail running, my attempt was in normal running shoes, and I quickly discovered a pair of dedicated trail shoes were a must.  Unfortunately, finding trails shoes for running can be a difficult task, as many are too heavy and awkward for longer runs.

This spring, in seeking out a new pair of trail shoes, I picked up a pair of Keen Tryon WP, and after breaking them in for the last month, I can tell you they’re a fantastic option for anyone looking to run on rugged terrain.  For starters, they’re super comfortable.  The Keen Tryon WP provides great arch support; they’re light enough to not hold you back; and the soles are rugged enough (thanks to the KEEN.Zorb system) to dampen the blows from jagged rocks, ruts, and any other obstacles you may encounter.  Compared to other trail shoes I’ve used, there’s also a fantastic level of heel protection – more so than other trail shoes I’ve tried – and they’re just tall enough to add additional ankle support in comparison to normal running shoes.  Another great feature:  a removable metatomical dual density EVA footbed is not only provides support for your foot’s contours, it also makes cleaning the Tryon WP’s a breeze.

From a ruggedness standpoint, the Keen Tryon WP has a variety of technological designed to keep your feet protected.  There’s the KEEN.DRY membrane construction, which is a material that’s both waterproof but breathable enough to keep your feet cool.  Up front, the toe box features added protection, shielding your feet from the common trail occurrence of toe stubs.  And the entire shoe is constructed with minimal seams, making the likelihood of water penetration even less and lessening the number of weak points on the shoe.  After putting in a couple hundred miles in them , I can tell you the Keen Tryon WP have held up beautifully.

With a street price of $120, you can’t go wrong with the Keen Tryon WP’s if you’re looking for a superbly comfortable, rugged shoe for trail running.  They’re available in multiple color combos and in both men’s and women’s varieties, so you’re sure to find a Keen Tryon WP that fits you’re unique style.  To order the Keen Tryon WP, you can pick both the men’s Keen Tryon WP and women’s Keen Tryon WP from