Dyson Pure Cool

Think of the Dyson Pure Cool as a fan from the future, capable of eliminating 99.95% of harmful particles currently in your home

Words Ali Clark
October 26, 2015
Think of the Dyson Pure Cool as a fan from the future, capable of eliminating 99.95% of harmful particles currently in your home
Words Ali Clark October 26, 2015

Air.  It’s the most essential element of life, and yet for many people, it’s one of the most overlooked areas of their health.  Think about it.  We exercise; we eat healthy; we get our recommended eight hours of sleep.  But how often do we consider air quality as part of the health equation?

It’s something that up until recently I didn’t give much thought to, until we began the process of renovating our home.  I quickly discovered that the more work we did, the more pollutants I was adding to my home, something I was even more attuned to due to my three young kids.  Drywall, paint, wood floors – all things that were part of our home’s renovation, and all things that were making the air in our home more harmful to breathe.  No matter how much we tried to shield our construction work from other areas of our home, the level of dust increased significantly, not to mention the fumes from the various paints and finishes we used.

Wanting to shield my kids from any potential dangers, I began searching for a way to purify my kids’s rooms, and I found the solution in the Dyson Pure Cool.

Dyson Pure Cool

Dyson Pure Cool

As its space-age, modernistic appearance implies, you can think of the Dyson Pure Cool as a fan from the future.  With no moving parts that could potentially be dangerous to young children, the Dyson Pure Cool is perfect for any room in the home (including a nursery), and in addition to helping cool your home in the warmer months, it’s also incredibly effective at purifying your home’s air.

How effective is it?

Thanks to the work of thirty-five dedicated engineers working over a two year period and 450 prototypes, the Dyson Pure Cool is capable of eliminating 99.95% of potentially harmful particles including bacteria, allergens, pollen, pollutants or any other odors you may have floating around your home.  For me the benefits are obvious, as the construction in my home created a heightened level of dust and smells.  But even if you’re not amidst a home renovation, the benefits of the Dyson Pure Cool are still numerous.

VOC’s, the harmful contaminants found in paints and finishes, can be given off for months (or even years), lessening your home’s air quality.  Allergens and dust are another problem in virtually every home, something that the Dyson again helps minimize.  All of these pollutants travel to your lungs, and the results can range from allergy symptoms or asthma to numerous more serious conditions which can be detrimental to your health.  With the Dyson, you’re eliminating virtually all of the harmful particles in your air, including ultrafine particles that many other air filters can miss.

Discussing other air purifiers for a minute, one of the things that drew me to the Dyson was its operation. Unlike other air purifiers that rely on large and  noisy motors and synthetic filters, the Dyson Pure Cool is whisper quiet and energy-efficient, with a DC motor capable of distributing clean, fresh air throughout your room evenly and quietly.  Getting technical, with the Dyson, your home’s air is passed through a 360-degree glass HEPA filter that’s capable of trapping even ultra fine particles (0.1 microns), a feat accomplished thanks to 11.8 square feet of Borosilicate microfibers that have been tightly woven together, pleated 254 times and laid out in a wrap-around configuration, thus providing a much larger surface compared to other purifiers of similar size.  In addition to this borosilicate filter, Dyson also added an active carbon layer to remove odors, fumes, and vapors. They tested the filter with the smoke from 228 cigarettes and never saw a drop in filter function.

And while I’m not an engineer, nor do I know what Borosilicate microfiber is, I will tell you that whatever Dyson did worked, as smells that were present in my kids’ rooms prior to the Dyson Pure Cool are now gone, as too is the dust.  That alone is enough for me to recommend the Pure Cool to you.

Lastly, I should comment quickly on the the longevity, as I can’t tell you how many new things I’ve bought recently that have failed within the first year.  I’m a huge fan of Dyson and I’ll tell you firsthand that their products are built to last, as evidenced by the Dyson vacuum cleaner I have that’s still going strong after three years of use.  With the Dyson Pure Cool, you’ll receive a two year warranty, and the only thing you’ll need to do maintenance wise is change the filter, a process that only takes a minute to do and something you’ll only need to do once every six months.  Not a bad deal to have incredibly clean air in your home.

If you’re interested, you can learn more about the Dyson Pure Cool at the official Dyson website, or buy your own at the Dyson Store with pricing for the Pure Cool currently $499.99.