The new V-Class. Large as Life.

Words Jim Davis | April 30, 2014
“The new V-Class. Large as Life.” in a humorous manner, the integrated campaign playfully addresses the widespread cliché of the functionally boring family car
Words Jim Davis April 30, 2014

Mercedes-Benz starts the launch campaign for its newly developed MPV under the banner “The new V-Class. Large as Life.” in a humorous manner, the integrated campaign playfully addresses the widespread cliché of the functionally boring family car, and presents the new V-Class as a trendsetter for a new world of spacious automotive experiences. The campaign focuses on print advertisements, a TV spot, an online video clip and an interactive web special. These perfectly present the key message: The V-Class is a genuine Mercedes-Benz premium passenger car.

“The campaign is just as progressive and emotional as the new V-Class, and impressively reflects what the Mercedes among MPVs stands for: impassioned design with high perceived value, outstanding versatility and functionality, dynamic performance and exemplary safety,” says Nicolai Berger, Head of Marketing Communication & Product-Information Mercedes-Benz Vans. “The V-Class underlines a stylish, comfortable and independent lifestyle. Thus the V-Class is the perfect vehicle for modern families, people who are active in recreation and sports, and operators of shuttle services. This versatility is the centre of the whole campaign and so we address different target groups in an emotional and individual way,” says Berger.

Mercedes-Benz V-Class

Mercedes-Benz V-Class

Emotional, target group specific print advertisements

The print advertisements dynamically present the V-Class in the urban environment. The vehicle is illuminated by inserted images showing appealing characteristic moments in the life experience of the different target groups – for example a father with his baby, a sports cyclist or a concert stage. The six different photo motifs are supplemented with an eye-catching, likewise target group specific text message such as “No father needs to drive a dad’s car. Discover a new dimension of passion.”, “The search engine for top performance. Discover a new dimension of spontaneity.”, or “Showffeur. Discover a new form of exclusivity.” The text messages address individual product features that particularly meet the expectations of the relevant target groups for an MPV – from a sporty driving experience and the variable seating concept to high-quality interior design. The advertisements will appear worldwide as 2/1 and 1/1 pagers in high-circulation general interest magazines, current affairs magazines, special-interest media and supra-regional daily newspapers.

TV spot and digital communication

All the other communication activities concentrate on families, the main target group for the new V-Class. The TV spot charmingly expresses the life experience of modern families which can already be seen on Youtube: the soundtrack alludes to the loss of freedom which comes with the start of family life, the images with their happy atmosphere show the complete opposite. With its style and driving pleasure, the V-Class negates the image of the boring family car. The 30 and 45 second spot will be transmitted internationally on all TV stations with a long-range audience.

The roughly one and a half minute long online video clip “Inspired by parents”, is equally emotional and humorous. It can already be seen on Youtube: In a highly unusual way, and in brief episodes, it explains how the new V-Class came by its numerous assistance and safety systems. The impression is as if Mercedes-Benz took its inspiration from the special capabilities of parents. Because mothers and fathers see things without being physically present, and they have premonitions that protect their children from harm – just like e.g. the 360°- camera, Blind Spot Assist or COLLISION PREVENTION ASSIST in the new V-Class.

The digital communication is complemented by a web special which was already launched in March with a teaser at, and is now being gradually expanded with further content and interactive elements. The highlight of the web special will be an interactive presentation of the V-Class as a full-screen video experience. The user accompanies a father and son during their professional and private tours of discovery with the V-Class. The vehicle is presented in its entirety, and outstanding product features are highlighted by a multimedia focus. The web special will be online in the European markets and is flanked by prerolls, banners and a variety of social media activities.

The campaign was developed by the creative agency Lukas Lindemann Rosinski. SYZYGY Germany is responsible for the web special. The sequences in the TV spot and online video clip were produced by element e and directed by Felipe Ascacibar. The photographer for the print advertisements was Anke Luckmann.