Mercedes S-Class Coupe Concept Test Drive

Words John Clark | October 30, 2013
Starting next year, the Mercedes-Benz S-Class Coupe will officially replace the Mercedes CL-Class
Words John Clark October 30, 2013

Starting part way through next year, the Mercedes-Benz S-Class Coupe will officially replace the Mercedes CL-Class. In order to find out what we can expect from the all-new two-door flagship coupe, UK’s AutoExpress took the S-Class Coupe Concept for a test drive.

2014 Mercedes S-Class Coupe Concept

2014 Mercedes S-Class Coupe Concept

We’ve copied an excerpt below as well as a link to the complete S-Class Coupe Concept review.

When the Mercedes S-Class Coupe arrives, four years will have elapsed since the first design sketches were made. The clay model was signed off nearly two years ago, with the designers turning their hands to the show car in September 2012.

It took 10 months to go from the first sketches to the finished show car, which was built for Mercedes by a specialist contractor. A further two months were spent getting the finish perfect, undertaking still and video photography and shipping it to Mercedes’ purpose built building that formed its Frankfurt show stand.

2014 Mercedes S-Class Coupe Concept Interior

2014 Mercedes S-Class Coupe Concept

Mercedes S-Class Coupe 2014: the ride

The concept is built on the chassis of a current CL500, including its 449bhp 4.7-litre V8, which burbles along as the concept trundles around for our photos. You can’t tell anything about how the car will drive. The concept is limited to 30km/h and can’t be driven for long as the engine doesn’t have any cooling.

But it’s enough to tell that the S-Class Coupe will be a much more luxurious beast than the old CL. Its doors open wide to reveal a cabin bathed in light, thanks to the panoramic roof, which will be an option, while the car’s width gives ample space for passengers to travel in total comfort. Much of the S-Class’s tech will feature, including hot stone massaging seats and Magic Body Control, which scans the road surface ahead and primes the dampers accordingly.

2014 Mercedes S-Class Coupe Concept

2014 Mercedes S-Class Coupe Concept

The pair of 12.3-inch screens float like a big flatscreen TV, while the seats are generously sized and comfortable, making the S-Class Coupe feel as much like a fancy living room than one of a luxury car.

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