Mercedes G63 AMG Vs. Ford Fiesta GT Video

Words Jim Davis | August 01, 2013
Chris Harris asks whether a G63 AMG towing a Ford Fiesta can beat a Fiesta by itself
Words Jim Davis August 01, 2013

Drive Network’s Chris Harris was recently presented with an interesting challenge – make the Ford Fiesta ST accelerate faster than it’s normal 6.7 second 0-60 mph sprint without touching the motor.  His plan:  tow the mini Ford 1.6-liter EcoBoost (rated at 182 HP)  with the massively powerful twin-turbo V8 5.5-liter 544 HP Mercedes G63 AMG, hoping the G63’s power would be enough to outdo the Fiesta, even with the Fiesta in tow.

Chris first tested out the Fiesta ST, sprinting from  0-60 mph in 7.2 seconds and 0-100 mph in 18.3 seconds. Then, with the Ford Fiesta ST in tow, the 2013 G63 AMG was put to the test.  The result:  the G didn’t have enough to beat the Fiesta, but it did manage to reach 60 mph in 9 seconds hit  100 mph in 22 seconds.

And while I applaud Chris’ attempt to better the Fiesta’s stock performance, I personally would have used the opportunity to drop the Fiesta ST out of an airplane and run the acceleration numbers, but that’s just me.

Even though you have the results of the test, check out the video below to see Chris Harris put the G63 AMG and Fiesta GT through their paces.