Mercedes-Benz G-Class for City Streets

Words John Clark | April 03, 2014
Renderings of what a modern city worthy Mercedes-Benz G-Class would look like
Words John Clark April 03, 2014

What if the Mercedes-Benz G-Class was more of a city bound sophisticated SUV?  There’s the initial answer and my first thought – it wouldn’t be a G-Class then.  But, Christian Schulte envisioned what a more modern city variant of the Mercedes-Benz G-Class could look like.

Mercedes-Benz City G-Class

Mercedes-Benz City G-Class

Taking into consideration the rumors that there could someday be a  City-G model, the size of the G-Class model is likely somewhere between a GLA and GLK.

The boxy shape synonymous with G-Class is gone changed out for rounder shapes that create a less rugged design – appealing more to the crossover buyers who want a city vehicle.

As a long time fan of the original G-Class, I have a hard tim viewing it as anything other than the rugged off-roader it is but none-the-less, the artist did a great job with the renderings.

Via: WCF via Mercedes Fans