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Mercedes-Benz Developing a Geländecoupé for 2014

Words John Clark | June 28, 2010
First details of the 2014 Mercedes-Benz GLC, the future Mercedes Crossover
Words John Clark June 28, 2010

With the popularity of crossover vehicles, there has been much speculation of what the future will hold for Mercedes-Benz SUV’s. The latest rumor has Mercedes releasing a baby SUV tagged the GLC or the Geländecoupé – Auto Zeitung published the first details of, what they claim is, the 2014 GLC.  Being built to possibly compete with BMW’s X4, the Mercedes-Benz GLC will be around 14 1/2 feet long and will be available with a two wheel drive system as standard and a Four Wheel Drive as an option. Using the same powertrains as the C-Class and E-Class , it is expected the GLC will come equipped with the 1.8-liter four cylinder gasoline engine with 204 hp or the 2.2-liter four cylinder diesel with 170hp. With the development of a new platform for the Mercedes-Benz A and B-Class is underway, it may also be used for the new Mercedes crossover vehicle.

There are currently no major design details available for the 2014 GLC, but it is speculated that it will have large tires, a larger angle of the front bumper, and a coupe style roof line.  We will of course keep you posted as more information comes in.