Mercedes Kicherer CLS Edition Black First Look

Words Chris Danielson | July 08, 2011
The Kicherer CLS Edition Black offers subtle tuning enhancements to the already gorgeous CLS-Class
Words Chris Danielson July 08, 2011

The new Mercedes CLS is already a thing of beauty, but that hasn’t stopped Kicherer from attempting to improve on its gloriousness. The tuning firm just unveiled what they’re calling the Kicherer CLS Edition Black, a model boasting a number of exterior, interior and performance enhancements.

Under the hood is where the fun begins, as Kicherer has bumped power by around 62 PS and 90 Nm of torque. They’ve also added a Kicherer PowerConverter and a new sport exhaust, increasing not only the responsiveness of the CLS, but also the sound.

Exterior wise, Kicherer has added their RS-1 20 inch forged wheels, along with the ever trendy matte black paint scheme. Even the chassis has been reworked in matte black and carbon, to match the paint. Behind the scenes, a new six and four piston Kicherer high perfromance braking system utilizing compound discs and flexible stainless steel hoses helps slow the CLS, while piano lacquer accents throughout the CLS Black’s interior complete the Kicherer package.

You can see the Kicherer CLS Edition Black in all its matte glory in the photo gallery below.