Mercedes-Benz CLS350 Interior Hosed Down – Video

Words John Clark | October 10, 2011
A man hoses down the inside of a new Mercedes-Benz CLS350 with a high-pressure car-wash hose
Words John Clark October 10, 2011

Most Mercedes-Benz owners I know take great care in tending to the interior of their Benz, a few coats of Meguiars, a soft cloth, you get the idea. The person in this video had an entirely different idea on how to clean the inside of a Mercedes CLS 350 which includes the use of a high-pressure hose that is generally reserved for spraying off the exterior of a rogue Unimog.

We were under the impression that the guys in the video maybe worked at the car wash and were getting a little justice against a rude customer. But according to Carscoop, they are the actual owners of the CLS, which makes me think they were doing their best to get rid of a little forensic evidence.

Either way, I am sad to see such a beautiful Mercedes abused in such a way. Thanks to André for the tip.