2012 Mercedes-Benz CLS Tuned by Carlsson

Words Jim Davis | December 23, 2010
Carlsson presents its comprehensive finish before the new Mercedes-Benz is introduced to the market on January 29th
Words Jim Davis December 23, 2010

Stylish use of shape is the trademark of the new generation of Mercedes-Benz CLS models (type C 218). This has provided the automobile manufacturer Carlsson with the ideal platform from which to perfect the model with even more style and athleticism. Carlsson presents its comprehensive finish before the new Mercedes-Benz is introduced to the market on January 29th.

Carlsson chief designer Rolf Schlepp – aka DeLusi – incorporates coupé-style contours and lends the vehicle’s exterior a touch of sophistication with the comprehensive aerodynamics package. The new front spoiler, including the RS front spoiler lip (available in real carbon), the power domes for the bonnet and the mudguard inserts (also available in real carbon) ensure an athletic look for the luxurious saloon car, a look which is underscored further by the stainless steel grille inserts. The front apron inserts with LED fog lamps enhance both the vehicle’s appearance and its level of safety. These improve visibility, are 80 percent more energy-efficient than the standard lamps and fit in perfectly with the xenon headlights and the standard LED daytime running lights.

The side mouldings with their built-in air inlets continue the vehicle’s dynamic transformation. Together with the rear apron and its built-in diffuser (which functions as a tailplane), the rear spoiler ensures extra downforce and better contact with the road. In addition, the stainless steel rear silencer and the two oval tailpipes so typical of Carlsson make a great sound. The stainless steel tailpipes can also be ordered separately.

Both the CLS petrol and diesel engine models benefit from the improved performance provided by Carlsson. With their CK35 performance kit, the engineers from Merzig have improved the power of the CLS 350 CGI model from its standard 306 hp (225 kW) to 333 hp (245 kW) while increasing the vehicle’s maximum torque from 370 to 410 Newton metres. This enables the direct-injection engine to go from 0 to 100 kph in 5.9 seconds, compared with 6.1 seconds for the standard model.

Thanks to the Carlsson C-Tronic® DIESEL POWER additional control unit, the CLS 350 CDI achieves a power output that is a full 20 percent greater than the standard engine. Instead of 265 hp (195kW), the self-igniting engine now manages 320 hp (235 kW) while maximum torque has increased from 650 to 780 Newton metres. This allows the vehicle to go from 0 to 100 kph in 5.9 seconds instead of the standard 6.2 seconds. The Carlsson C-Tronic® DIESEL POWER for the V6 engine can be purchased for just 1785 Euro including VAT. Both performance-boosting kits continue to meet the EURO5 exhaust emission standards.

The vehicle’s new alloy wheels also emphasise the sporty yet stylish contours of its new aerodynamics package. With the Carlsson 1/10 wheel, available in three colours and in a combination of five simple and five double spokes, the automobile manufacturer from Merzig in Germany is setting a trend. Chief designer Rolf Schlepp designed the five top spokes in such a way that they terminate flushly on the edge of the wheel rim while the five double spokes begin deeper inside the wheel receptacle and are arranged outside on the upper edge of the wheel rim. The fact that there is no wheel well and that the spokes are drawn out over the edge give the 1/10 wheels a particularly sporty character.

With the three surface finishes available – Titanium Silver, Brilliant Silver and Graphite Grey – the Carlsson 1/10 wheel can be matched perfectly to one’s vehicle and taste. Carlsson is offering each of the three colour versions of the 1/10 in the dimensions 8.5×19 and 9.5×19 as well as 8.5×20 and10.5×20 inches from 2569 Euro for the complete set of wheels including top brand tyres.

Carlsson’s patented C-Tronic SUSPENSION is responsible for delivering excellent road holding for vehicles with the standard AIRMATIC suspension. This intelligent suspension lowering system lowers the vehicle by up to 30 millimetres and continuously monitors the situation on the road. Depending on the road conditions, the controlling device adapts the residual spring travel, thereby ensuring optimum comfort and excellent driving dynamics.

The vehicle’s finish is rounded off perfectly in the interior. The Alcantara sports steering wheel, pedals and foot rest made of brushed aluminium, velours foot mats featuring the Carlsson logo and the matching boot mat give the CLS’ interior a dynamic, stylish appearance.

With its comprehensive finishing package for the CLS model, Carlsson has once more proven its refined sense of taste when it comes to Mercedes design. Thanks to its efforts, the already stylish standard CLS has really turned into a unique individualist.

Naturally, a TÜV certificate is always included in the scope of delivery for all components in the finishing package so that these can be smoothly included with the rest of the vehicle’s documentation. For further information on Carlsson and its exclusive product range for Smart and Mercedes-Benz vehicles, please visit