Silver Arrow Speed Record Recreated

Words John Clark | October 07, 2013
Mercedes-Benz and IWC take the Silver Arrow W25 to the Klaussen Pass in Switzerland to recreate historic speed record
Words John Clark October 07, 2013

Bringing the legendary Silver Arrow W 25 to the Klaussen pass in Switzerland, Mercedes-Benz and IWC Schaffhausen attempted to recreate the 1934 world speed record set by the Silver Arrow W 25.

The Silver Arrow W 25 won 11 Grand Prix championships between 1934-1936 and could run a mile in a mere 30.76 seconds at an average top speed of 197 mph.  Keep in mind this was in 1934, a time and speed like this is impressive even by today’s standards.

Lewis Hamilton, Former Formula One World Champion, commented on the W 25, “.. I’ve had the privilege of driving that car, and it scared the life out of me.”

Watch the video below for a great look at the Silver Arrow W25 both in 1934 and today.