Mercedes CLA-Class Two-Door Coupe Rendering

Words Jim Davis | February 14, 2013
A look at what the 2014 CLA-Class would look like as a two-door coupe
Words Jim Davis February 14, 2013

Kicking things off this morning, we’ve got the latest renderings from one of our favorite automotive manipulators, Theophilus Chin.  In his latest rendering, Theophilus gives us a glimpse of what the all new 2014 CLA-Class would look like if instead it was designed as a two-door coupe. As for his choice of red paint, Chin explains that “red is an auspicious color for Chinese and today the Chinese and many East Asian celebrates Lunar New Year. And Chinese loves Mercedes-Benz too. So let me take this opportunity to wish everyone a Happy and Prosperous Lunar New Year.”

As you’ll see in the photos, Chin did an incredible job with the rendering, creating a model that looks ready to roll of the production line tomorrow.

As for whether or not we will ever see a two-door CLA-Class, judging by Mercedes’ propensity to expand their model lineup, it’s a very real possibility.  While the CLA-Class in and of itself is sporty looking as a four-door, there’s no question that younger, first time Mercedes owners would be equally (if not more) drawn to a coupe variant.

Until then, take a moment to enjoy Chin’s two door CLA renderings in all their illustrious glory below along with past renderings of the CLA-Class as an Estate.