How The Internet Can Find your Stolen Mercedes

Words Thomas Philips | May 21, 2014
Mercedes-Benz was announced as the most stolen luxury car brand last year in the United States
Words Thomas Philips May 21, 2014

Readers and staff at eMercedesBenz are highly enthusiastic about the world of motoring. Indeed many of us own a Mercedes of our very own, and cherish it dearly. Our hard earned wages fund the premium price tags, whilst our free time and sweat are sacrificed perfecting them. Quite frankly, we love them as a son and protect them as a daughter.

The heartbreak we would feel should a master of the criminal underworld illegitimately acquire our pride and joy could not be measured quantitatively or through the most elaborate of prose. Immediate action taken by most would be reporting the incident to the police, sobbing deeply in the corner and repetitively role-playing scenarios where the sticky fingered bandit meets their untimely demise. In the modern age of the internet though, there are now more options available to help track down your stolen motor, without simply relying on tracking devices and lackluster police missions.

1 – Owners Club Forums.

Proud owners of particular vehicles tend to create communes on the internet to discuss and seek advice on that particular model. Many readers may also find themselves registered to at least one specialist forum. Venues for such subject specific interactions amongst enthusiasts is the perfect place to begin your campaign. Open a thread in the correct section and post as many details and pictures as possible. Modified and classic vehicles tend to stand a better chance following forum posts due to their infrequency on the roads, with an owner of a Mercedes 190E Cosworth potentially proving more findable than a regular modern C-Class. Post as widely as possible and target certain geographical regions. Some websites have dedicated sections for just this scenario, with positive outcomes occurring. Also, be sure to encourage readers to share your content via social media and leave a contact telephone number.

2 – Social Media.

The entire world is connected at a click of a button or a tap of a touch screen. One Tweet can change the world. Share links on Twitter, tagging owners clubs and publications, i.e. local media outlets, community groups and garages. Post statuses on Facebook and add links to fan pages and groups targeted at your local area and motoring enthusiast sites. Add images onto Instagram and utilize every space of social media out there. If your car is distinct enough, it may potentially go viral amongst a specific community, which may deter many thieves into abandoning the vehicle. At best, the culprit and the vehicle will be tracked down. An example of social media pages specializing in stolen vehicles is this, based in Victoria, Australia.

3 – Classifieds.

Those searching for a new vehicle or spare parts will firstly divert their attention to many classified ad websites. Owners of classic Mercedes and other vehicle brands will often fear that their beloved motor will eventually be broken for parts. So be sure to check all major and local classified ad sites, regardless of whether they specialize in general classifieds, car sales or wheel and tyresales. Also, the free classifieds will be an opportunity to spread awareness for your scenario.

4 – Local Area Scan.

Certainly a brilliant technique to use offline involves reconnaissance. Armed with online research though, victims can target specific neighborhoods or typical places of abandonment for clues or in the hope of sighting the lost car. Should any of the aforementioned methods spark any information, an area check would certainly be advisable. However…

5 – What happens if you find your vehicle?

Exercise extreme caution at this stage. Do not simply drive the vehicle away, as it will still actively be listed as stolen on police computers, which will lead to bureaucratic nightmares down the line. Furthermore, the vehicle will be used as potential evidence on conviction of the criminal masterminds. More worrying is that your Mercedes may have become an accessory in another crime of a higher magnitude, for instance: drug dealing, burglary or even murder.

Should you catch the thief red handed, do not approach. Instead, remain in close proximity and call the police, alerting them to the exact location and descriptions of the suspect. Upload a picture to Twitter, tagging the local police force, as an added bonus. A desperate criminal will often react violently once confronted, furthermore an assault by yourself on the accused could lead to prosecution proceedings against the owner.

Mercedes-Benz was announced as the most stolen luxury car brand last year in the United States. Social media is a proven weapon in the fight on car crime. So if the worst happens to your beloved Mercedes, feel free to use this article for reference.