Monica Bellucci in GQ

Words Marcus Bloom | April 09, 2010
Monica Bellucci exhibits an undeniably raw beauty, making her our newest pick in our Lifestyle Women’s category
Words Marcus Bloom April 09, 2010

Ask most men what attributes they look for in a woman, and they’ll tell you there’s nothing sexier than a woman who doesn’t mind getting a little dirty.  Monica Bellucci is a prime example.  Despite her undeniable beauty, she exudes a certain rawness that makes you think, whether it’s true or not, she’s not afraid afraid to forego the typical female decadence, roll her sleeves up, and get to work.  I think that’s why when selecting photos of her I went primarily with grainy black-and-white options.  She just looks better a little gritty.

If you’re from America, you’re likely to be at least somewhat familiar with Monica Bellucci.  She played the red leather clad Persephone in the “Matrix” sequels; she played Donna in “Shoot ‘Em Up”; and probably her most famous role, she played Mary Magdalene in Mel Gibson’s “The Passion of the Christ” (and yes, Mel made sure she was dirty as well).  Internationally, Bellucci has a far greater number of roles on her résumé including “Irréversible” and “Le Deuxième”, and she’s also the face on a range of Dior products.  As for her personal life, Monica was married to fashion photographer Claudio Carlos Basso in 1990, but it didn’t last.  She’s currently married to fellow actor Vincent Cassel (he played Danny Ocean’s nemesis in “Ocean’s 12”), with whom she has a daughter Deva.  The pair is expecting their second child this May.

You can see all of Mrs. Bellucci and her inherent rawness in the gallery below.  Thanks to GQ for some of the pics; thanks to everyone else for the rest.