Helly Hansen Ask CIS Sailing Jacket

Words Marcus Bloom | April 04, 2011
The Helly Hansen Ask CIS Sailing Jacket blends Helly’s trademark all-weather performance with a unique urban design
Words Marcus Bloom April 04, 2011

If you live anywhere where you experience four seasons and you’re anything like me, April has to be one of your favorite months.  Winter is finally over, the snow has dissipated, and you can put away your cold weather gear in favor of some lighter spring fare.  I love the spring, and of all the seasons, I probably splurge more on my spring wardrobe than any other season.  This year, one of the ways I splurged was on a new jacket, and after picking up a Helly Hansen Salt jacket last year and loving it, I went back to Helly Hansen looking for spring jacket to add to my collection.

If you remember from my last story, Helly Hansen is a performance-driven brand that dates back to 1877, when a Norwegian captain by the name of Helly Juell Hansen and his wife Maren Margarethe invented the world’s first waterproof fabric in the form of oilskin jackets, trousers, sou’westers and tarpaulins made from coarse linen soaked in linseed oil.  For the last century, Helly Hansen has continued this innovation, introducing a wide variety of cutting edge material technology in their outerwear including the first fleece mid layers in the 1960s and LIFA, the first technical base layer in the 1970s, with their three-layer system becoming the industry standard for keeping you dry, warm and comfortable in even the most demanding conditions.

In opting for a new Helly Hansen jacket, it was this performance that drew me back to the brand, but because I already own the Salt, which notes a distinctly sporty, nautical design, I wanted something a little more urban.  My choice:  the Helly Hansen Ask CIS Sailing Jacket.  It’s a stylish, functional jacket that, while still paying homage to its seafaring past, is at home in virtually any environment.

Constructed from herringbone PU-coated cotton, the Ask CIS Sailing Jacket features a classic design, with a distinctly high collar, rib-hemmed cuffs and waistband, and antique metal fasteners.  It’s a great design for spring, as the high collar helps keep the cold and water out on the rainy days, but unzipped, it stays out of your way and doesn’t get hot or uncomfortable.  The Ask CIS Sailing is also the perfect weight for spring – heavy enough to keep you warm, even over a t-shirt, but not too heavy to the point you get hot.  Even better, you can remove the inner  lining for warmer, wet days, transforming the Ask CIS into a weatherproof shell.  For anyone living in an area with fluctuating spring temps and varying precipitation, it’s the perfect addition to your spring collection.

Pricing for the Helly Hansen Ask CIS Sailing Jacket is $500, and it’s available in either navy or white.  I personally opted for the white, which I love, but the navy looks equally as good.  You really can’t go wrong with either.  To learn more about the Helly Hansen Ask CIS Sailing Jacket, head over to the official Helly Hansen website for more details and ordering info, and you can check out photos of the Ask CIS Sailing Jacket in the gallery below.