SealLine eCase and iCase

Words Jim Davis | June 01, 2012
SealLine eSeries and iSeries cases offer waterproof protection for your favorite electronics gadgets
Words Jim Davis June 01, 2012

Whether you’re hiking through the Columbia River Gorge, rafting down the Colorado, snorkeling in Tahiti or texting from the shower, a dry iPhone is a happy iPhone.  It’s a lesson I learned after a recent kayaking trip that drenched both myself and my iPhone, which unfortunately resulted in a tragic, unavoidable iDeath.

The loss of my beloved iPhone taught me a valuable truth:  in wet conditions, a waterproof case is an invaluable safeguard in protecting your gear.

Which brings us to SealLine cases.

Based in Seattle and well-known for keeping a variety of gear dry via their dry bags and sacks, SealLine recently launched their eSeries and iSeries lineup of cases for a variety of electronic gadgets (including the iPhone).  They’re super lightweight, low profile cases that are completely waterproof, yet  they still allow you to use the full functionality of your chosen device (including touchscreen, voice and button functions).  And the best part:  you can save a few buck on an underwater camera, as the cases boast a SealLock zipper that’s IPX7 rated for full submersion up to 30 minute – easily long enough for you to use your device’s built-in camera.

As already noted, the cases come in two series: iSeries cases, designed specifically for iPad, iPhone, iPod touch and iPod nano devices; and eSeries cases, which fit a variety of e-readers, GPS units, tablets and mobile phones. With all the cases, you have full use of device features through the case, allowing you to stay in touch, take photos or videos, or disappear into your favorite novel in any place and weather condition you choose.

If you’re planning on heading out for a wet excursion and taking your favorite gadget, I highly recommend picking one up.  At $25 for the iSeries iPhone case and $35 for the iSeries iPad case, it’s a cheap insurance policy.  Head over to the official SealLine website to check out the full lineup of cases and other waterproof gear and/or purchase one online.