Pedro’s Master Tool Kit 3.0

Words Marcus Bloom | July 09, 2012
Pedro’s Master Tool Kit 3.0 packs all the bike tools you’ll ever need into one nearly indestructible case
Words Marcus Bloom July 09, 2012

With the 2010 Tour de France officially underway, we thought we’d turn our attention back to the world of cycling for the next few days and more of the requisite cycling gear that goes along with it.  If you’ve spent any amount of time cycling, there’s no doubt been a time when you’ve planned a beautiful day out on your bike, packed your gear, travelled to the perfect location and started your ride, only to discover a mechanical problem with your bike that derails your plans.  In such situations, you’ve got two options.  One – you can pack your gear back up, travel home or to a bike shop, and get your ride back in working order.  Your day’s ruined, but there’s always next time.  Option two – and the option that’s really a must for anyone that loves riding – is the Pedro’s Master Tool Kit 3.0.  It’s the most bad-ass portable biking tool kit available, and no matter what your mechanical misfortunes, it will have your bike up and running in no time flat.

As a self-described tool junkie, I have to tell you – the Pedro’s Master Tool Kit 3.0 is about as lust-inducing as you’re going to get in the world of bike tools.  There’s a total of 65 pieces included with the Master Tool Kit 3.0, all housed in a custom, water tight, pressure regulated, ABS plastic case, backed by a lifetime warranty.  As for what you get, here’s the complete rundown:

  • 8pc open/ ratchet box wrenches (8mm-15mm)
  • Y Torx Wrench
  • Y Wrench 2,2.5,3
  • Y Wrench 4,5,6
  • Cable Cutter
  • Pro Chain Tool 2.0
  • Equalizer Pedal Wrench
  • 13 -19 mm Cone wrenches
  • 5-piece Screwdriver set
  • Tire Lever – Yellow pair
  • 5,6,8mm hex driver w/ handle
  • 10mm Campy hex driver
  • GO! low viscosity chain lube, 4oz
  • ISIS BB socket
  • HG Socket W/O Pin
  • Campy lock ring tool/cassette tool
  • Universal crank puller with handle
  • 3 meter Tape Measure
  • Beverage Wrench
  • External Bearing BB Socket
  • Pro T/L hex set -8pc
  • Pro Socket Handle 2.0
  • Vise Whip
  • Shimano ‘Integrated’ BB Wrench
  • 9-piece L hex set
  • BB socket holder

An impressive assortment, to say the least, but just as importantly, it all works – and it works very, very well.  Everything is designed precisely to work on your bike, regardless of make, model, year, etc.  And that’s the beauty of Pedro’s Master Tool Kit 3.0.  It doesn’t matter what you ride, you can fix or maintain virtually any major component on the market today.  Pack it up, throw it in the back of your vehicle, and you’ll never again have to worry about a mechanical issue sidelining your ride.  Back at home, you’ll be assembling, disassembling, and fine tuning your bike, just because you can.  Pedro’s tools are a simply a joy to use.

As for which tools of the Pedro’s Master Tool Kit 3.0 are the best, that’s easy:  the best tool is the one you need.  It doesn’t matter how great your cable cutter is, if you need to repair your chain, the best tool is going to be the chain tool, and vice versa.  That being said, I love the Pro Chain Tool 2.0 with its new contoured handle and integrated pin storage.  I love Pedro’s new Vise Whip – a tool that eliminates the need for a traditional chainwhip and makes securing the cassette a utterly simple process.  I love the super comfortable Pedro’s cable cutter.  And I love the new Y Torx wrench – an ingenious tool that includes three of the most popular torx sizes in one location.  But really, I love all the Pedro’s tools, because as I said, on any given day, you never really know what you’re going to need.  With the Pedro’s Master Tool Kit 3.0, you’re covered regardless.

Of course, as with all tools, strength is a must.  Pedro’s tools, whether it’s the tools found in the Master Tool Kit 3.0 or any of their other tools, are designed to last a lifetime.  All Pedro’s tools are backed by a lifetime warranty, save for the Pedro’s Pro Torque and Demi-torque wrenches, Pedro’s Pumps, and Pedro’s Blow Out Bags (each feature a 2-year warranty).  Other than that all Pedro’s are protected against breakage, malfunction, or defect, meaning the Pedro’s tools will likely outlast you.  And even if they don’t, Pedro’s will keep replacing them until they do.  In the world of tools, you can’t get much better than that.

Pricing for the Pedro’s Master Tool Kit 3.0 is set at $939, and it can be ordered from any bike shop that carries Pedro’s tools or from a variety of online retailers.  If you spend any reasonable amount of time on a bike, buy one – it will likely be the last bike tool kit you’ll ever need to buy.  To learn more about any of the Pedro’s lineup of bike tools, you can find more info at their website, Pedros.com.