The Tantra Chair

Words Marcus Bloom | February 14, 2012
The Tantra Chair is the ultimate couple’s indulgence, with a design tailored to add an entirely new dimension to your relationship
Words Marcus Bloom February 14, 2012

Valentine’s Day is once again upon us, and with it, the necessity to find the quintessentially romantic gift for that special someone in your life.  But as anyone that’s celebrated numerous Valentine’s Days with the same partner will tell you, gifts tend to get a bit redundant as time goes on.  Sure there’s the traditional flowers, candy, jewelry, so on and so forth, but each suffers from a fatal underlying characteristic:  they’re boring.  You buy them not because you actually want to buy them – not because you’re excited about buying them – but rather because you’re expected to buy them.  You buy them because you’re inundated with marketing telling you these are the things that women want.

Except that they don’t.

Women don’t want meaningless gifts bestowed upon them purely for the sake of receiving them.  Women want more.  They want passion, excitement, intrigue.  They want to be surprised.  And most importantly, they want to see that you actually put thought into whatever it is you’re giving.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is what brings us to this article.  Two months ago I began a quest… a quest to seek out and procure the ultimate Valentine’s Day gift.  In doing so, I had two key goals.  Number one, I wanted to give a gift that I was actually excited to give.  Ideally, I wanted something that not only would my wife enjoy, but also something that would enhance our relationship (it is, after all, Valentine’s Day we’re talking about).  Secondly, I wanted a gift that my wife would never expect.  I’ve already noted my distaste for flower, candy and the like, so I wanted to find something completely different than what she would be expecting.  Two weeks into my quest, I was introduced to the Tantra Chair, and my quest for the ultimate Valentine’s Day gift came to an end.

As you’ve no doubt already surmised from its name, the Tantra Chair is a chair built for, you guessed it, lovemaking.  However, despite its purpose, the Tantra Chair isn’t an exotic sex toy you need to hide in a closet when not in use.  Rather, it’s a beautifully designed piece of furniture similar in style to a chaise lounge, with the added benefit that its seductive contours invite and encourage couples to try new positions and experience new sensations.  Through carefully planned curves and angles, the Tantra Chair makes conventional positions feel completely different and exciting, whereas lovemaking positions that typically require a signficant level of strength and flexibility are now significantly easier, more comfortable and more fluid.

Women want passion, excitement, intrigue.

Needless to say, it’s a design so appealing that I couldn’t wait until Valentine’s Day to give the Tantra Chair to my wife, so I caved in and gave it to her a month early.  But seeing as how today is Valentine’s Day, I thought it only fitting to share my experience with the Tantra Chair, which as I’ve come to learn, is the perfect way to add a new and incredibly fun dimension to your relationship not just one day, but 365 days a year.  If you’re looking for not only the ultimate Valentine’s Day gift but also the ultimate couple’s gift, read on to find out what makes the Tantra Chair so great.

Zen by Design Tantra Chair

Zen by Design Tantra Chair

Tantra Chair Construction

As is necessary with any piece of furniture you actually intend on using, in describing what makes the Tantra Chair great, it’s vital to look firstly at its construction.  Handmade in Scottsdale, Arizona, the Tantra Chair is an incredibly well-constructed chair with quality rivaling that of any other luxury furniture maker.  It’s exceptionally solid – exactly what you want if you’re considering furniture that will actually see use – and it’s designed and built in a way that will maintain its seductively good-looking appearance for a lifetime.

Outside, the Tantra Chair utilizes a synthesized leather material – one that’s not only exceptionally durable, but also one that’s environmentally friendly.  From a texture standpoint, the synthesized leather is seemingly indistinguishable from real leather. It’s incredibly soft and supple, and it makes the feeling of the Tantra Chair supremely inviting.  Best of all, it’s stain resistant and anti-microbial, which makes cleanup exceptionally easy (should you need it).

Underneath the leather exterior, the Tantra Chair utilizes the world’s finest quality high density foam.  It’s one of the secrets of the Tantra Chair that at first glance you probably wouldn’t notice, but upon use, you’ll immediately realize is one of its most vital attributes.  For its intended use, the Tantra Chair is perfectly firm.  Movements, even small ones, aren’t absorbed into the cushion – they’re transferred directly to your partner.  This equates to higher levels of pleasure and a significantly more enjoyable experience.  This firmness also plays an integral role in aligning you and your partner in unique angles and providing support throughout movements.  Positions that you’ve already tried and that you’re already familiar with feel entirely different on the Tantra Chair, and the firmness is one of the key reasons why.    There is a slight level of cushioning – just enough to ensure you’re comfortable while using it – but the Tantra Chair as a whole notes an relatively high (and in my opinion perfect) level of firmness.

Tantra Chair Design

In looking at the Tantra Chair, there’s an undeniable level of sensuality exuded by its design.  Modeled after the female form, the Tantra Chair’s flowing lines are suggestive – hinting at its capabilities… at what you’re capable of doing with it – but not overly so.  It’s like a chaise lounge, only sexier.  But even with its sexiness, it’s a design that you could use in a variety of settings, both contemporary or conventional.

At the heart of the Tantra Chair’s design is a unique dual arc shape, with one higher and one lower arc.  I won’t go into the specific positions capable with each, but as a general rule, the upper arc is the ideal height for a variety of standing and upright positions, whereas the lower arc is perfect for either kneeling or sitting positions.  Joining the two arcs is the central contour, where much of the Tantra Chair’s use takes place, and it’s this central contour in tandem with the two arcs that gives the Tantra Chair its flowing serpentine shape.  Tailored for an incredible variety of positions, the central contour was designed with a very specific goal – to allow users to change their pelvic angles with remarkable ease.  And it’s this ability that makes the Tantra Chair so unique.  Whereas with conventional furniture you’re limited in terms of the control you have over your body positioning, the Tantra Chair’s contours encourage a wide range of pelvic angles, allowing you to position yourself in an incredibly varied number of angles while providing and support and comfort while doing so.  It’s this comfort that sets the Tantra Chair apart from everything else.  It’s not that you can’t explore new positions without the Tantra Chair, it’s that the Tantra Chair makes it so much easier and so much more comfortable to do so.

Lastly, if you’re wondering how well the Tantra Chair’s design will blend into your decor, there’s a total of five color options, ranging from dark and sophisticate to bright and sexy.  The options available are espresso (a rich brown color), ebony (a darker brown), merlot (like the wine), sunflower (a brighter yellow) and linen (an off-white).  You can also opt for nail heads along the bottom portion of the Tantra Chair for a more classic look, available in either brass or pewter.

Tantra Chair In Use

The Tantra Chair was created to allow couples to experience new positions and expand their lovemaking prowess, and that’s precisely what the Tantra Chair does.  First and foremost, it allows you to try positions that otherwise would be more difficult, and it does with a significantly heightened level of comfort and fluidity.  It encourages you to be adventurous, and it makes it easy to do so.  Secondly, the Tantra Chair introduces a variety of new sensations from positions you’re already familiar with.  Simply by offering increased support and the ability to alter your pelvic angles with exceptional precision, the Tantra Chair brings new life to virtually every position you engage in.  In no simpler terms, if you’re looking for the single best way to expand lovemaking with your partner and experience a world of new pleasure, the Tantra Chair is it.  After spending the last month with it, my only regret is that I didn’t get one sooner.

Tantra Chair Conclusion

For those looking to add another dimension to their relationship, the Tantra Chair is an undeniably unique and fantastic way to do so.  It encourages long practiced lovemaking techniques that have been passed down over generations, drawing you and your partner together in a way unlike anything else I’ve experienced.  Not only is it functional, it notes a quality and styling rivaling that of any other luxury furniture maker, making it an ideal fit in virtually any home.  Priced at $1,299, the Tantra Chair may very well be the ultimate couple’s indulgence.

To learn more about the Tantra Chair or to order one for yourself, you can visit, the makers of the Tantra Chair.  There’s also a separate website dedicated to the Tantra Chair that goes into exceptional detail about its features, including both its various design and construction attributes.   This website, however, does show both photo and video demonstrations of the Tantra Chair that contain nudity (making it NSFW), so to avoid anyone accidentally clicking the link and getting fired, I’m going to skip the link and give you the address, which is

You can also check out more photos of the Tantra Chair’s sensuous curves in the photo gallery below.