Liebherr Refrigerator Review

Words Tori Jones | February 23, 2020
Liebherr is one of the leading experts when it comes to refrigeration technology
Words Tori Jones February 23, 2020

Last fall I introduced you to the Liebherr range of refrigerators, and more specifically, the Liebherr 48″ SBS 246 that I chose as part of my kitchen renovation. It’s been a year since I first took delivery of the Liebherr, and after living with it day in and day out for a year, I wanted to post a follow up review for anyone in the market for a new refrigerator or anyone considering the Liebherr brand.

Liebherr SBS 246 48" Refrigerator

Liebherr SBS 246 48″ Refrigerator

Liebherr, if you’re new to the company, is a brand well-known for their expertise in the construction industry. But when it comes to refrigeration, Liebherr has over 50 years of experience as well, easily ranking them as one of the leading experts when it comes to refrigeration technology. But as great as their history is, chances are if you’re considering a new refrigerator, your biggest question is how well do Liebherr refrigerators perform in the real world?

For me, the answer is a simple one: it’s been perfect. I chose my Liebherr fridge really for two key reasons – its design and its functionality – and in both areas the Liebherr has continued to impress. Firstly, let’s look at the design.

If you remember from my last article, one of the things that makes the Liebherr lineup of refrigerators unique is that they’re very modular compared to other brands. My refrigerator – the 48″ SBS 246 – is actually two separate 24-inch units. On the right is the refrigerator, and on the left unit the top is a wine cooler while the bottom is a freezer. For my installation I chose to install the two together, with a single trim installation kit, but I just as easily could have split the two units up and installed them separately. The same is true for Liebherr’s other 48″ and 60″ models. You can install them together as a single unit, or you can split them up, which offers up a whole new world of design flexibility when planning a new kitchen.

Liebherr SBS 246 48" Refrigerator

Liebherr SBS 246 48″ Refrigerator

In addition to their arrangement options, another great design element is Liebherr’s fully integrated refrigerator offerings. If you want ample refrigeration space without the look of a giant refrigerator, Liebherr offers numerous sizing options ranging from 24″ – 48″, letting you customize the face of the refrigerator with panels that match your kitchen cabinetry. If you’re not a fan of the stainless steel look, it’s a great design option.

From a design standpoint, I have to say that I still love the look of my Liebherr SBS 246. It’s a very straightforward, understated design, with the right side offering a simple and clean stainless steel design and the left noting a subtle glass door for the wine cooler. I wanted my kitchen to be comfortable and livable, and the Liebherr’s design fits into that aesthetic, as it handsome and upscale without being pretentious or too techy, perfect for a family with three kids.

The second key area why I chose the Liebherr was for its functionality, primarily the large main fridge with separate wine cooler and freezer. For the fridge portion, I have to say I love the design. It’s roomy enough to fit everything I need, the shelves in the door do a great job holding milk and larger drink containers, and the shelving is completely customizable, letting you make any adjustments necessary to fit your desired food. After a few weeks living with the Liebherr, I was able to adjust my shelving in a way that consistently fits everything, and I haven’t had to touch them since, aside from special occasions (like needing to fit a birthday cake inside). The one caveat to a side-by-side design, however, is that if you find yourself consistently storing extra wide trays or pans, french door designs give additional space horizontally, so be sure to factor this into your purchase decision.

As for Liebherr’s BioFresh drawers, a system designed to extend the life of your fruits and vegetables, I’ve found the drawers work exceptionally well. In the past I had difficulty maintaining the freshness of various greens like lettuce, spinach and herbs, but the BioFresh drawers have done a great job extending their freshness (along with all my other fruits and veggies). Setting them is super simple: slide the drawer’s adjustment lever to the appropriate fruit or vegetable setting and you’re all set – your produce stays fresher, longer.

Liebherr Bio Fresh Drawers

Liebherr BioFresh Drawers

On the other side of the SBS 246, the wine cooler and freezer have done a great job meeting my family’s needs as well. In addition to wine, we use the wine cooler to store numerous other drinks, which frees up additional space in the refrigerator. If you’re an avid wine drinker, the SBS 246 is a no brainer, as it can hold up to 34 bottles of wine at different temperatures – reds at 64 degrees and whites at 46 degrees. All temperature settings are handled via the SBS 246’s easy to use digital controls, allowing you to customize your desired temperatures, while a humidity control ensures optimum wine preservation conditions.

Underneath, the freezer has remained a steady performer, keeping everything frozen without freezer burn or icing up. One of the things I’ve come to love most about the SBS 246’s freezer is the drawers setup. Unlike other freezers where everything is tossed together, the Liebherr’s freezer drawers make it easy to keep your frozen food organized, meaning there’s far less chance of finding your Thanksgiving day leftovers from three years ago buried at the bottom of your freezer. As someone that loves being organized, I love the Liebherr’s freezer drawers.

Liebherr 48" SBS 246 Refrigerator Inside

Liebherr 48″ SBS 246 Refrigerator

Ultimately, what I have to say about my Liebherr SBS 246 is simple: it’s lived up to everything that led me to it in the first place. It looks great, food stays fresher longer, and it offers incredibly functional storage options. I can’t speak to its long term reliability, but after a year of use, I’ve yet to encounter a single issue with its performance, and it’s fit and finish are holding up beautifully, even with three kids.

So would I recommend Liebherr to other considering a new refrigerator? If your experience is anything like mine, then absolutely. It’s performed it duties beautifully, and its easily met my family of five’s refrigeration needs.  You can learn more about the Liebherr Refrigerators at the official Liebherr website.