Hinkley Hadley Chrome Light

Words Ali Clark | April 30, 2014
Make your online lighting search an enjoyable one with the experts at Bellacor
Words Ali Clark April 30, 2014

If you’re looking to change the feel and look of your home, there are dozens of ways to do it. You can paint, change the flooring, buy new furniture, or go as far as knocking down some walls. But one of the easiest ways to update the look and feel of your home is enhancing your lighting. Changing out your old lighting fixtures can not only give your room new character, but it can also change the mood of your room based on the fixture you choose.

So when it came time to redesign my kids’ rooms from the toddler stage to something more in line with their changing tastes, lighting was a main focus for change as I began the design process.  Looking for lighting online, however, is incredibly overwhelming, as there’s simply a huge number of options to pick from, from an equally large number of manufacturers.  Going to a big box home improvement store is even worse, as the selection is limited to basic designs that hold little design appeal.

After a futile couple of weeks, I stumbled upon the online lighting store Bellacor.  Their selection of lighting is tremendous with over 10,000 lighting options available, but equally as great as their selection is how they help you find the perfect lighting. Making the design and selection process much simpler than anywhere else, Bellacor offers customers a project portfolio to help organize your favorite products, and they also give you access to product specialists that can help you not only with the purchasing process, but with room inspiration and any questions you may have on specific products.  Bellacor’s search is also a great tool, as it makes sorting through the numerous lighting options based on finish, style, designer, etc. incredibly easy.

Finally, with the help of Bellacor, I was able to find the perfect lighting solutions for my two bedroom remodels – the first of which I’ll discuss in more detail below.

The requirements I was looking for in my first light was a classically inspired flush ceiling mount in a chrome finish – one that was energy efficient yet still capable of emitting a large amount of light.

After speaking with a Bellacor lighting expert, one of the styles they recommended was the Hinkley Hadley Chrome Three Light Flush Mount. Crafted from quality steel, the Hadley features a slightly retro-styled design in a chrome finish with clean lines and a single opal glass piece to warm the light. The style and look of the light alone was enough make the Hadley light the perfect choice – the features integrated into the Hinkley light turned out be a very large added bonus.

Hinkley Flushmount Light

Hinkley Hadley Flush Mount Light

Hinkley, a fourth generation lighting company founded in 1922, uses what is called an LED Engine in the Hadley Light I chose.  In the most simplest of terms, you’ll never have to change a lightbulb again, as the light is powered by three 100 watt LED bulbs. In addition to being maintenance free and fully dimable, the LED Engine on the Hadley Light ensures the bulbs will never overheat and that the color emitted will stay consistent for the life of the light. What exactly is the life of the light?  It’s estimated they’ll last as long as 50,000 hours, or roughly 6 years of around the clock use.  If you favor a more conventional light bulb option, the Hinkley Hadley is available in a standard light bulb configuration as well, while the entire Hadley range is available in numerous sizes and finish options, all while maintaining the same overall style.

In the end, I was finally able to find the perfect light for my son’s room, and I owe it Bellacor.  They were truly a pleasure to work with, and they were the first online lighting store able to make my lighting search an enjoyable one.

View the photo gallery below for a look at the Hinkley Hadley Chrome Three Light Flush Mount in my remodel, then head over to Bellacor to view their collection of nearly 3,000 Hinkley lights.  Alternatively, you can head straight to the Hinkley Hadley Three Light Flush Mount product page to see the specific Hadley light I chose.