Electrolux Icon Under-Counter Refrigerator Drawers

Words Marcus Bloom | November 14, 2011
Electrolux Icon Refrigerator Drawers offer an ideal solution for anyone looking to fine-tune refrigeration in their kitchen
Words Marcus Bloom November 14, 2011

About a month ago I told you of my quest for the perfect refrigeration setup in my new kitchen, detailing my choice of the Electrolux Icon French Door Refrigerator.  While debating what the ideal size for a refrigerator was, I eventually decided to split my kitchen refrigeration up into units, opting for the Electrolux Icon Under-Counter Refrigerator Drawers and the Electrolux Icon Wine Cooler in addition to the main refrigerator.

My primary reason for doing so was flexibility –  I loved the idea of being able to have integrated refrigeration anywhere I wanted it.  Because much of my kitchen preparation is done on an island, having the ability to locate the refrigerator drawers directly on the island is a tremendous time saver.  It’s also great for kids, as my wife and I tend to keep a variety of their most used snacks and drinks in the refrigerator drawers, making it much easier for them to grab a snack when the need arises.

Having used the Electrolux Icon Under-Counter Refrigeration Drawers for the past few months, I have to say:  if you’re planning a new kitchen, it’s well worth considering refrigeration drawers.  Here’s some of the elements that make the Electrolux Icon Refrigerator Drawers so great.

Electrolux Icon Under-Counter Refrigerator Drawers Size

With any type of refrigeration, size may be the most important factor to consider.  With the Electrolux Icon Refrigerator Drawers, you’ll gain a total of 5.0 Cu. Ft., with the unit measuring 23-13/16″ W x 34″ – 35″ D.  Making the available size so usable, however, is the fact that you’re able to store 12″ bottles and two liter containers – perfect for wine and a wide number of beverages – and it’s wide enough to store platters.  For anyone that entertains, it’s a fantastic way to gain extra refrigeration in addition to your main refrigerator, and for as already noted, for anyone with a family, it’s a great way to keep your most used items exactly where you want them.

Electrolux Icon Under-Counter Refrigerator Technology

Technologically, the Electrolux Icon Under-Counter Refrigerator Drawers boasts similar features to those found on the rest of the Electrolux Icon lineup, with one of my favorites being the integrated digital control panel on the top of the unit.  Not only does the control panel make it simple to set your desired temperature (anywhere from 33 to 46 degrees Fahrenheit), it also helps the refrigerator drawers maintain their gorgeous modern look.  Another technological feature I’ve grown to love is the warning alarm.  Like the Elextrolux Icon French Door Refrigerator, the under-counter refrigerator drawers give an audible warning in the event the drawers are left open for longer than five minutes, if the temperature rises 10 degrees or more for four hours, or if there’s been a power failure.  With kids, it’s a feature that I use almost daily, as my son has a tendency to never close the drawers.  And lastly, the final feature that mimics the rest of the Electrolux Icon lineup is the built in theater LED lighting, which not only makes your food look fantastic, it makes grabbing a late night drink or snack much, much easier.  It may sound like a relatively small selling point, but when you see Electrolux’s LED lighting in action, it really is a thing of beauty.

Electrolux Icon Under-Counter Refrigerator Design

If you’ve read my other Electrolux Icon reviews, this is going to sound a bit redundant, the reason being that Electrolux has done an incredible job at ensuring that all note a similarly sculpted, somewhat industrial design.  From the outside, a beautiful solid stainless steel face with your choice of either the Professional Series or Designer Series handle ties the refrigerator drawers beautifully in to the rest of the Electrolux Icon lineup.  I personally love the look of the Professional Series (which is what’s pictured), as it manages to blend a commercial style with a sculpted level of refinement.  Each Electrolux Icon piece looks like a solid block of steel, and they’re just gorgeous.  From a functional design standpoint, the under-counter refrigerator drawers incorporate what Electrolux calls Smooth-Glide drawers, and if you haven’t already guessed, it makes opening and closing the drawers exceptionally easy – so easy you can do with a single finger.  Overall, it’s a simple yet beautiful design, both from an appearance and functional standpoint, and one that fits perfectly with the rest of the Electrolux Icon lineup.

Electrolux Icon Under-Counter Refrigerator Conclusion

Ultimately, if you’re considering a new kitchen or updating your current one, I’m a huge proponent of considering a smaller refrigerator with separate refrigerator drawers.  As I’ve come to learn, it allows you to fine tune how you operate in the kitchen, letting you place your most used refrigerated items exactly where you want them, including on a kitchen island.  And by opting for a smaller refrigerator, you have more freedom as to where to position your main refrigerator while gaining additional cabinet space.  To anyone considering the refrigerator drawers, my advice would be this:  when you’re in the kitchen, pay attention to how many times you run to the fridge to grab something during a meal preparation, and how much time you spend doing so.  Then, imagine having secondary refrigeration at your disposal directly where you’re preparing the meal, saving you the time it takes to run back and forth from the fridge.  In my case, the result was a significant time savings, making the decision to opt for the refrigerator drawers a no-brainer.  Three months later, and I couldn’t be happier with my decision, as the Electrolux Icon refrigerator drawers have done everything I wanted:  they perform brilliantly, they look great, and they’ve significantly cut down the time both my wife and I spend in the kitchen.  Simply put, I highly recommend them.

To learn more about the Electrolux Icon Under-Counter Refrigerator Drawers, you can learn more at the official Electrolux Icon website.