Airstream x Mercedes-Benz

Words Marcus Bloom | December 27, 2017
The Interstate is a luxury touring coach that blends iconic Airstream design with legendary Mercedes-Benz safety and performance
Words Marcus Bloom December 27, 2017

The Interstate is a luxury touring coach that blends iconic Airstream design with legendary Mercedes-Benz safety and performance. Each Interstate is designed with more than 50 best-in-class features inside and out, and they all come standard. The result? The ultimate in comfort and style.

The Interstate is available in two floorplans: the Lounge and the Grand Tour. The Lounge’s layout is perfect for shorter excursions with larger groups who want to socialize in style. The Grand Tour is made for longer trips for two, with luxurious sleeping space, plenty of storage and all the comforts of home.

Airstream x Mercedes-Benz 2018 Interstate

Airstream x Mercedes-Benz 2018 Interstate Lounge Layout

Both floorplans are available in seven décor options, including the Tommy Bahama Special Edition, so you can select a palette that suits your taste and style. Each offers gorgeous colors, sumptuous fabrics and high-end finishes for a personalized look.

When it comes to technology, the new Multiplex Control System puts many of the Interstate’s features right at your fingertips. The new tankless water heater lets you enjoy practically unlimited hot water in the shower and at the sink. A power awning provides a place to relax in the shade. A quieter generator gives you power without all the noise. And 300 watts of solar panels on the roof help keep your Interstate powered up when you’re off the cord.

And wherever you go, you take the performance, safety, and luxurious driving features of Mercedes-Benz along with you, such as the Air Ride suspension or four-wheel drive options, leather-wrapped steering wheel and integrated vanity mirrors on both the driver and passenger sides.

With the 2018 Interstate from Airstream + Mercedes-Benz, no matter where you’re heading, you’re sure to arrive in style.

What’s new in 2018:

Awning end caps create sleek and integrated exterior design with reduced wind disturbance
Reduction of visible exterior accessories to keep body kit simple and clean
New matte finish cabinet knobs
Addition of vanity mirrors integrated in drivers and passenger cockpit visors
New pillow design
New LP tankless hot water heater replaces the 6 gallon model
Multiplex electrical system with touchpad controls, 7” master display and integrated energy management system
Standard rooftop solar grows from 100 to 300 watts
New ultra quiet generator resonator softens generator noise and reduces sound levels
Optional Features Made Standard

Side Screen Door now STD
Power Rear Screen Door now STD
Extra Rear Seat now STD (Hanging Wardrobe becomes OPT)
Interior Decors – 4 available

Columbian Walnut
Light Camel
Tommy Bahama Special Edition
Floorplans – 3 available

Grand Tour
Grand Tour Twin (not available in Tommy Bahama Special Edition)
Retired Floorplans and Decors for 2018

Lounge Twin, Lounge Twin Wardrobe and Lounge Wardrobe Floorplans
Onyx Decor