Mercedes-AMG GT R In the Works

Words John Clark | March 28, 2016
Tobias Moers confirms that hardcore, near-600bhp version of GT is coming this year
Words John Clark March 28, 2016

AMG has confirmed that a harder, more track-focused version of the AMG GT supercar will arrive this summer. It will sit above the AMG GT S (pictured above), and it’ll be fast and pointy.

AMG head honcho Tobias Moers – commenting on how ‘unstressed’ the current, 510bhp 4.0-litre V8 biturbo engine is – told us he will introduce “the next performance level of that engine” in the upcoming GT R.

“The new GT R will set a new benchmark in terms of driving dynamics,” he said. Yikes.

Expect around 600bhp, but, don’t just expect some tuned up hot-rod. The new AMG will be a true track star. “It will be faster on a racetrack than even the SLS Black Series,” he said. Expect some suspension fine-tuning, along with a lovely rear wing too.

Via: TopGear