Mansory Mercedes SLR Renovatio

Words Jim Davis | February 19, 2013
Mansory SLR Renovatio previously seen covered in a gold finish is now revealed in Carbon Fiber
Words Jim Davis February 19, 2013

It’s been quite a while since we’ve reported on news from the Romanian tuning house Mansory, but today, the tuner has posted new photos of their SLR Renovatio, this time covered in Carbon Fiber.  As such, we couldn’t help but bring the photos to you.  You may remember seeing the Mansory SLR Renovatio in glorious gold and then again in a less ostentatious white paint scheme.  But this new carbon fiber and silver two-tone SLR color scheme may very well be our favorite.

If the modifications are the same as past the Mansory Renovatio vehicles, changes likely include new high performance compressors and tailor-made intercoolers as well as a sports air filter and modified engine management system.

As a result of the updates, the Renovatio rendition of the SLR is two tenths faster from zero to 100 km/h (0-62 mph) than the standard production model, while the top speed increases to 340 kph. Following the alterations, the Renovatio SLR boasts 700 PS and generates 880 Nm torque on the pavement.

You can check out more of the newest carbon-equipped Mansory Mercedes SLR Renovatio in the gallery below