Carlsson C25 New Photo Gallery

Words John Clark | May 24, 2012
Carlsson C25 owners choose their paint combinations and materials, received a completely customized Mercedes C25
Words John Clark May 24, 2012

It is the dream of every designer to create a classic Gran Turismo and as far as the C25, based on the Mercedes SL65 AMG, is concerned, Carlsson head designer Rolf Schepp did just that and did it perfectly. The C25 is designed to combine emotional character with safety-relevant aspects and high road capability, but Carlsson also designs the C25 entirely according to customer demands. The result is  perfectly sculpted vehicle unique to the owner. We were recently sent photos of a custom designed Carlsson C25 in matte grey that we felt was was worthy of a look.

The front view

Dominated by the dynamic and aggressive trapezoid shapes of the giant air inlets, typical for Carlsson and which perfectly interact in a tension-filled contrast with the sovereign lights.

The powerfully vaulted wings which can be perceived as landmarks from the driver´s seat flow into the bonnet with its strong contours at the sides with integrated power domes. In connection with the vertically adjusted daytime running lights, the headlights render a superb racing character.

The side view

The side clearly confirms the classic GT-proportions with front central engine under the elongated bonnet, the firm aero tail and the formally reduced roof construction. Basically, it consists of three plane arches which are dynamically connected by an elaborately offset line management.

The brawny and muscular car body impresses with its crouched appearance with powerfully modelled wings dominating the side view.

A main arch spanning over the cockpit is supported by two arch-shaped wings at the front and at the back which majestically rise over the wheels.

The Carlsson designers created the wheel flange and wings, the negative rear view and the lower front from vertical lines lunging forward and rendering a fast forward-moving impression.

The elaborate graphical design of the motor engine ventilation, wheel flanges, wing edges and door section corresponds with the strongly vaulted sides and renders a rich contrast.

The rear view

The entire rear section has been basically designed like a generous cave in order to integrate the upper rear edge generating downthrust in the best possible formal and logical way. Deliberately, Rolf Schepp puts the dynamic focus on the powerfully designed double diffuser with the significantly integrated end pipe blends which make the rear look not so high.

Rolf Schepp continues to apply the paramount trapezoid shapes from the front which are so typical for Carlsson also to the back by a perfect interaction of the boot lid and the double diffuser. The GT-typical, flowing and filigree roof construction is supported by the broad shoulders of the rear wings and flows into the gently curved ascent of the back tear-off edge.

With the Carlsson C25, the automobile manufactory consequently lights the way into future. The design of the Gran Turismo accomplished to connect agility, elegance and functionality in a unique automobile.

The technical philosophy of the Carlsson C25

The Carlsson C25 has been born from a revolutionary idea. For the first time, the automobile manufactory positions a Gran Turismo in an entirely new way. The coupé is the first own developed car by Carlsson and it combines two vehicle concepts which up to now have been considered as incompatible. On the one hand, the Carlsson C25 renders top performances with its 753 hp strong engine and an acceleration from 0 to 100 kph in 3.7 seconds. And on the other hand it breaks out from the supercar category and offers comfortable travel performances and an unsurpassable road capability. Therefore, the Carlsson C25 combines the best from two worlds and with its limited edition of only 25 pieces it offers an outstanding exclusiveness.

The V12-Biturbo owes its 753 hp (554 kW) to Carlsson’s experience and art of engineering. This performance is guaranteed by the interaction between the stainless steel exhaust system, the special sports air filters and the engine electronics especially adjusted to the C25 with its special engine characteristic maps for injection and ignition. Also the charge air ventilation and the manifold are exactly adjusted to the car. Therefore, the high-performance engine renders a maximum torque of 1320 Newton metres, electronically limited to 1150 Newton metres and accelerates from 0 to 100 kph in only 3.7 seconds.

The comprehensive adjustment between car body, aerodynamics, engine performance and undercarriage renders an unsurpassable driving experience. The Carlsson C25 is no serial automobile with an oversized implanted engine, but a special automobile with perfectly adjusted components.

Intelligent undercarriage guarantees perfect road capability

But this is not the only unique selling point of the Carlsson C25. No Gran Turismo with comparable performance data has ever reached the maximum road capability as incorporated by the Carlsson C25. This is among others rendered by the suspension technology C-Tronic® SUSPENSION. The intelligent system recognises the road condition as well as the driving behaviour and continuously adjusts the remaining spring travel and the damping settings to it. This guarantees driving pleasure in narrow curves due to a perfectly limited vehicle roll as well as a comfortable journey on long distances and bad road conditions.

For perfect travel comfort, the Carlsson C25 offers all safety- and assistance systems which fulfil the high Mercedes-Benz standards: ABS, ESP, Airbags, crash-behaviour and pedestrian protection.

Therefore, the Carlsson C25 has the advantage that the Gran Turismo can still be serviced by any Mercedes-Benz garage. The customer is not bound to one dealer specialised in the Carlsson C25, but can always rely on the closest Mercedes-Benz garage.

Intuitive operation and high-quality haptics

In addition to its unsurpassable road capability, the Carlsson C25 offers an operating concept which seems surprisingly familiar to the driver. The cockpit with the central instruments tilted towards the driver, the sport steering wheel and the comfortable seats are made for intuitive operation. The engineers and designers put special emphasis on the arrangement and design of the instruments and that shows in the high-quality haptics and the superb intuitive operation.

But the Carlsson C25 does not only convince with its positioning combining the advantages of a high-performance automobile with perfect road capability. Also when it comes to the price, the Gran Turismo from Merzig/Germany is very attractive. For cars with a comparable performance from Italy or Scandinavia, the customer has to invest at least the double if not the triple price. But even then those car manufacturers can’t guarantee their customers the exclusiveness of the Carlsson C25 as there is only one automobile available per country.

In the tradition of large coachbuilders

With its first own developed car, the automobile manufactory continues the tradition of large coachbuilders. This already shows in the design of the Carlsson C25 which bears the origins of the legendary Mercedes models such as the W 196 or the “Autobahnkurier” (Autobahn cruiser). Carlsson combined this tradition with the continuously developing Carlsson design which is reflected in the typical trapezoid shapes. As so often with traditional companies which originated from family businesses, the automobile manufactory Carlsson developed a unique car which only uses the platform of a large car company.

Already between both World Wars or from the 1950s onwards, smaller companies have taken a significant influence on larger car companies. This included Mulliner and Park Ward with their groundbreaking work for Rolls-Royce and Bentley. Also Swiss Peter Monteverdi made history with his new auto body for the Ferrari Monza or other cars which combined US-American engines with Italian car bodies such as the Monteverdi Hai 450 with its hand-made carriage.

In exactly the same way as these specialists, Carlsson and the C25 today present which possibilities there are when combining experience, passion and the art of engineering.