Mercedes-Benz Mobile Applications

Words John Clark | July 01, 2016
‘The Best or Nothing,’ is understood to actually pertain to the product, unlike many other companies who simply spout public relations rhetoric without the ability to back it up
Words John Clark July 01, 2016

If you are driving a new Benz, you already are a high rolling, smooth flying operator. That’s because the originally German car manufacturer is synonymous with style, great engineering, and class. The Stuttgart, Baden-Wurttemberg-based company dates back to 1885, with the name Daimler-Benz, so the history of automotive excellence goes back a long way. Indeed, they are one of the key companies that cemented the German legacy of amazing engineering that set a world standard.

Synonymous with Quality

Their slogan, ‘The Best or Nothing,’ is understood to actually pertain to the product, unlike many other companies who simply spout public relations rhetoric without the ability to back it up. Looking at objective metrics that qualify durability and overall quality, the record of the automobile manufacturer speaks for itself. With only a brief blip in the consumer ratings reports during the mid-2000s, the car maker has consistently across all lines ranked at the top of the charts for its passenger vehicles.

This includes its line of:

  • A-Class compact hatchbacks
  • B-Class multi-purpose vehicles (the Tourer)
  • C-Class, CLA-Class, and CLS-Class Saloon Estates, Coupes and Cabriolets (the D-segment)
  • E-Class variations on Saloon Estates, Coupes, and Cabriolets
  • G-Class, GLA-Class, GLC-Class, GLE-Class, and GLS-Class Sports Utility Vehicles
  • S-Class and SL-Class, and SLC-Class Luxury Saloons, Coupes, Grand Tourers and Cabriolets
  • V-Class multi-Purpose Vehicles and Vans
  • And finally the supercar class, the AMG GT sports car class.

This does not even include the trucks and buses the company produces, all of which are heavy duty and similarly top of the line.

Modern Innovations

Nowadays, Mercedes keeps its reputation for top of the line components and overall manufacturing while also introducing technological innovations. With the advent of smartphones in everyday lives, it is no surprise that car manufacturers are finding ways to integrate this technology to make our cars, well, smarter.

With everything from music control, to pre-heating cars in the cold of winter, to even being able to lock your car doors, this extra level of control that auto makers have put into the smart phone is unprecedented in the history of the auto industry. Smart phones are not merely devices to navigate with GPS or change the music, but allow a regulation of certain aspects of a vehicle remotely so that the car becomes an even bigger part of the driver’s lifestyle.

For users of the iOS devices, including the iPhone and iPad, there are many apps that not only educate, but entertain as much as mobile casino games like Here, games can be found that are as fun to drive as a vehicle from the S-Class series and as graphically sleek as the AMG GT class. Mobile games can be enjoyed on road trips as a passenger, but should never be used when driving.

Let’s take a look at some ways Mercedes is innovating in the app ecosystem by introducing exciting new apps that their customers can enjoy.

Mercedes-Benz History

Made with the Mercedes enthusiast and history buff in mind, this Mercedes-Benz History Timeline app “takes you through the history of the brand from its beginning in 1885 through the present and into the future.” An interesting conceptual app for those that are wanting to dig through the archives of their favourite auto manufacturer’s vaunted history of excellence without actually getting their hands dirty, or having to leave the comfort of their couch.

Alternatively, for those interested in seeing where high-tech innovations such as driverless vehicles, conceptual prototypes, or brand new engine technology is headed in the not-too-distant future, they can also research that from this app. The history yet to be made and the actual stories from days past, spiced up with video and images on this app.

Mercedes-Benz Vehicles

For those that want to browse a digital representation of all the lines that Mercedes-Benz makes, look no further than this app. With virtual tours, interactive galleries, and maybe coolest of all, vehicle customisation tools that allow you to see the visual differences in how a vehicle looks to your desired specifications, this iOS app is a Mercedes-Benz fanboy’s dream come true.


This is the one app that owners will want to have handy. That’s because you will be able to lock your car, unlock your car, find your car through a GPS signal, locate other friends driving Mercedes-Benzes, and even request assistance. Having trouble meeting up with a friend? No longer, as you can use your GPS location to send to other friends. Available for Android or iPhone, this is the definitive app for owners.