Mercedes G55 AMG Turned Limo

Words Jim Davis | February 25, 2014
Platinum Style Limos extends the Mercedes G55 AMG and adds two wheels, a massive set of Forgiato wheels and gullwing doors
Words Jim Davis February 25, 2014

While I can’t quite wrap my head around why anyone would turn the king of off-roaders into a pimped out limousine that is destined to only cruise city streets is beyond me.  But then again, it seems to be a very popular choice as the stretched out Mercedes G55 AMG by Platinum Style Limos is often seen out and about chauffeuring legions of partygoers.  And, while I don’t understand their style am beyond thankful they were smart enough not to drive themselves.

The Platinum Style Limos G55 AMG rides on six Forgiato wheels, but please don’t confuse it with the six wheeled G63 AMG 6×6, and features multiple gullwing doors for ease entry.  Karl Benz would no doubt roll over in his grave if he saw this.

Head directly to the photo gallery below to see the limo for yourself.  What do you think, let us know.