Mercedes G-Class Mission to Mars

Words John Clark | July 16, 2013
To push the G-Class to its limits, Mercedes send the G on a Mission to Mars to tackle the Red Planet’s rugged terrain
Words John Clark July 16, 2013

While the Mercedes G-Class was busy tearing up South Africa and Namibia on a test run, it was suggested that the Mercedes G-Class undergo a test that might actually push the G to its limits (as if it has any).  At first it was suggested to take the G to the Moon, but that’s so 1969.  So the next logical step, of course, is rocking the G-Class on Mars, which is exactly what Mercedes did.*   You can check out the G-Class’ Mission to Mars in the photo gallery below.

*Actually, it went to the Moroccan desert with some guys in Mars mission spacesuits – but Mars sounds way cooler.