Mercedes-Benz G-Class Takes on the Iron Schöckl

Words Jim Davis | May 29, 2012
The Iron Schöckl uses the Mercedes G-Class to demonstrate a 100% climb, a 45 degree incline
Words Jim Davis May 29, 2012

Everyone knows the G-Class is without question the most rugged model in the Mercedes lineup, but in reality, few customers get the chance to push the G-Class to its limits.  For Mercedes engineers, however, its their job to ensure the G-Class continues its legacy of being able to conquer any terrain, so it would only make sense they’d come up with as many ways as possible to challenge the off-roader.

Enter “The Iron Schöckl”.  Named after the Schöckl, a mountain near the Graz plant in Austria where the Mercedes G-Class is tested year round, the man-made Iron Schöckl challenges the Mercedes G-Class by forcing it to undertake a 100% climb (i.e., a 45 degree incline).  Then, at the top, the G-Class enters a movable platform, teeters to point downward, and undertakes a 45 degree descent.

Simply put, it’s the track your five year old would build for his Hot Wheels, only for grown ups.  Check out the awesomeness that is the Iron Schöckl in the video and photo gallery below.