A.R.T. Tunes the Mercedes-Benz G-Class Creating the G streetline Edition STERLING

Words John Clark | October 18, 2010
The new highly customized Wide Body concept vehicle from A.R.T. is based on the Mercedes-Benz G-Class
Words John Clark October 18, 2010

The A.R.T. G streetline is now crowned by the A.R.T. G streetline STERLING, the new A.R.T. concept vehicle. German Tuner, A.R.T. has once again unleashed passion to bring you this sumptuous titan.

The A.R.T. DIESEL POWER Kit for the basic G400 CDI enhances the originally 251 hp to 292 hp by reprogramming the engine control with new 624 Nm. The modified sport exhaust system with its six stainless steel tailpipes each featuring the A.R.T. logo gives a reliable impression of the primeval power of this G-Model.

The body and aerodynamics of the G-Model have been transformed with the A.R.T. G streetline Wide Body kit. Compared with the standard G streetline kit, the flared wheel arches have been widened further. The redesigned front bumper contains the additional lighting system. The modified aero hood with four times four air inlets, shape-optimizing running board trim, fender extensions including LED running board lighting, a rear bumper with integrated LED rear and fog lights, a roof spoiler with additional LED brake light and illuminated entry ledges on all five doors with the A.R.T. logo together contribute to the all-round harmonious design of the A.R.T. G streetline Edition STERLING. The spare wheel has been eliminated for the sake of more harmonious rear appearance.

The lighting system incorporates an A.R.T. bi-xenon PREMIUM HIGH main headlamp system. Furthermore, an additional triple-beam headlamp system is integrated into the bumper, with two additional halogen fog lamps and an additional xenon upper-beam headlamp. The original

A.R.T. tuning GmbH, IGA, 14.10.2010, 09:45:52 Seite 4 von 6direction indicators have been removed. Direction indicator and day-time headlamps are now performed by one LED multifunction lamp system. The LED back-up lamps and LED fog tail lights are integrated in the rear bumper.

The two-tone carbody paintwork features the colors Magno blue-black and Designo Alanit- gray. The two areas are separated horizontally by two pinstripes of varying widths. All chrome and plastic parts on the carbody exterior are matched to the surrounding color design.

The wheels and chassis are stylishly upgraded with a new A.R.T. special chassis and the light alloy 22″ rim monoART1 with 315/30R22 tires. The wheel rims sport the carbody color Designo Alanit-gray.

A generous hand has been applied to the interior of the A.R.T. G streetline STERLING with rich interior fittings in fragrant and sumptuous nappa leather. The classic British Racing Green used in the diamond quilting and Designo Anthracite Gray bewitch all the senses. The side section in the trunk have also been padded and covered in the high-grade leather quilting in Racing Green. The hue of the fine mesh patterning of the graphite-fiber fittings used in abundance in the area around the instrument board, central console, and doors, perfectly matches the Racing Green of the leather.

The ergonomically optimized sports multifunction steering wheel with airbag has been fashioned in Design anthracite gray leather and Racing Green graphite fiber.

A highlight of this model is the rear single seat system developed especially by A.R.T. Seats can be electrically adjusted, heated and are optional also equipped with ventilation. Between the two individual seats is a handcrafted continuous center console with storage compartments, providing room for two glasses with LED floor lighting and the DVD player. A monitor is incorporated into each of the front headrests.

As a Mercedes Benz tuner specializing in SUV models, A.R.T. has established a core competence in the development of complex special customizations for discerning customers. Implementing innovative motorcar customizations is A.R.T.’s daily passion.

All features of this concept vehicle are applicable also for all other Mercedes-Benz G-Model versions.