Throwback Thursday: Kleemann Unveils Subaru Killer

Words John Clark | January 23, 2014
The Kleemann E50KCC, an enhanced version of the Mercedes-Benz E500T 4-Matic – Croc Hunter Approved
Words John Clark January 23, 2014

For this Thursday’s throwback, we’re taking a look at an E-Class tuning article from 2005. You can click here to skip directly to the photo gallery below but I’d recommend entertaining yourself with our witty writing of old.



Imagine for a moment that you are a world famous Crocodile Hunter; you know, the crazy Australian bloke that dangled his unsuspecting child in front of the jaws of a thirteen foot reptile.

So anyways, imagine you’re the Croc Hunter, and you’re traversing the outback in search of a new form of Australian wildlife to harass.  As you stop to inspect a freshly laid pile of what appears to be wombat dung, suddenly, out of nowhere, a pack of wild dingos decide to feast on your freshly trimmed mullet.

If you’ve found yourself in this or a similar situation, there’s really only one vehicle to suit your lifestyle. Crocodile Dundee might have you believe it’s a Subaru; but Kleemann has other plans for you my fine, adventurous friends.  That’s why they introduced the Kleemann E50KCC, an enhanced version of the Mercedes-Benz E500T 4-Matic, which sports Kleemann’s familiar 595 horsepower 5.0-Liter V8. How fast is it you ask?  The E50KCC sports 0-60 times of under 5 seconds, and has a top speed of 155 mph, electronically limited.  In other words, it’s sure to outrun even Australia’s wildest boar.

Aside from the power enhancements, Kleemann’s E50KCC features, as you can see from the pictures, a host of exterior enhancements.  To improve drive quality while sojourning through the bush, Kleemann engineers raised the ride height by 50 mm, thanks to modifications to the chassis as well as a new wheel package.  They also redesigned the entire lower portion of the car, adding flared wheel arches, front and rear aprons, and new side skirts.

So Crocodile Hunter, now that you’ve seen the new Kleemann Subaru Killer, what do you think?  “CRIKEY mate, that’s one fine automobile!”  Take that Crocodile Dundee.

You can check out pictures below, and the full press release follows.  As always, click the thumbnails to enlarge, and the back button on your browser to return to the previous page.