Mercedes-Benz E-Class Estate Stretched by Binz

Words John Clark | July 12, 2012
A 31.7″ chassis stretch between the rear doors and rear axle are responsible for the length to the Xtend for a total of 224.4″
Words John Clark July 12, 2012

Binz, a German coachbuilder, has specialized in stretching Mercedes-Benz E-Class wagons for decades. Often times, a Binz creation becomes a hearse, an ambulance, or even a limousine, but, lucky for someone, once in a while, the company designs something unique. So unique that we had to show you, in this case it is a a super-long-wheelbase E-Class wagon dubbed the Binz Xtend.

Binz announced the Xtend way back at the Essen Motor Show in 2010, and has now made the nearly 19-foot-long wagon a reality. A 31.7-inch stretch in the chassis between the rear doors and the rear axle are responsible for the added length to the Xtend. At 224.4 inches, the Binz Xtend is two inches longer than a Chevrolet Suburban and two feet longer than a Mercedes GL550.

The same range of engines available on the Binz Xtend wagon as on the standard E-Class Estate. A 240-hp E250 CDI diesel, a 292-hp E350 with a gas V-6, or the V-8-powered 388-hp E500. Autoblog.nl informed us that buyers can discuss installing a different powerplant with Binz; like say a 518-hp bi-turbo V-8 from the E63 AMG to make this extra-long wagon extra-powerful. Binz is also offering a special-edition called the X-Orange that comes equipped with racing seats, four-point harnesses and coated in a sun inspired orange

No word yet on pricing or availability of the X-Orange, but the standard Xtend goes for around €80,000 ($97,680).