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Model Jazzelle Zanaughtti learns to vogue within the Mercedes-Benz

Words Anna James | May 17, 2019
Mercedes-Benz Fashion Engagement 2019
Words Anna James May 17, 2019

Thanks to renaissance figures like Kiddy Smile and Brooke Candy, ‘voguing’ is a more popular form of dance than ever before. Often showcased at ‘balls’, the dance spectacle causes the audience to become increasingly animated – erasing the border between performer and spectator.

Jazzelle Zanaughtti has kick-started Mercedes-Benz’ latest How To fashion story with an interactive event in Oslo.

Jazzelle Zanaughtti has kick-started Mercedes-Benz’ latest How To fashion story with an interactive event in Oslo.

With the help of voguing expert Jay Jay Revlon, Jazzelle mastered how to vogue properly, before the industry-shaping model shared her newly acquired skills with guests – arranged in teams of up to 15 – demonstrating voguing herself before offering them an introductory session. The objective was for guests, which spanned both the press and public, to gain a deeper understanding of this art form and its history, so they too could learn how toexpress themselves through dance.

The unique experience culminated in a performance which saw each team invited to the electric dancefloor, one-by-one or in pairs, to show their mastery of ‘voguing’ and celebrate their individuality. Energy generated by the group’s performance powered the floor to light up, demonstrating the electric expression of the EQC.

Jazzelle and the EQC on display were styled in looks by New-York based fashion designer, Christian Cowan, who was on-site to guide Jazzelle on the styling elements of a vogue ball. Mercedes-Benz and Jazzelle continued to support Mercedes-Benz Fashion Talents designers, with Amesh Wijesekera, William Fan also being worn on the day.

‘Learning something new can be scary’, Jazzelle said, ‘but in the end it’s a liberating experience! Especially when that something new is performing for others! Jay Jay was a really amazing teacher and came they with an amazing energy that made me feel super comfortable to just fully go for it! voguing is a lot more physically demanding than I imagined but having Jay Jay, Christian and Donté by my side was really motivating. Overcoming that fear and succeeding at a new skill is a really special feeling for me and really makes me feel like my potential is limitless. Going out of my comfort zone is one of the best ways to grow as a person I think, if not the only one!’

Self-improvement is at the core of Mercedes-Benz’ DNA, and is deeply rooted in the EQC, which launches this autumn. An innovation leader inside and out, Mercedes-Benz’ electric vehicles are set to drive us towards a cleaner future of mobility, and demonstrate fundamental shared values with the How To story: the ambition to self-improve and curioristy to change.

On Jazzelle’s How To journey in Oslo, Bettina Haussmann, Head of Branded Entertainment Mercedes-Benz Cars said ‘We are delighted to have Jazzelle with us at the EQC test drive camp in Oslo, bringing her unique energy to learning a new skill. The Vogue ball represents an important milestone for Mercedes-Benz, with the How To collaborations seeing Mercedes-Benz continue to drive creativity forward and demonstrate the magic that happens when you think outside the box.’

The next chapter of the How To story is told by Lena Waithe, who will discover and learn from industry luminaries in the field of upcycling at an exclusive event in London during London Fashion Week Men’s, June 2019.