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Mercedes-Benz Top Choice for Eco-Conscious Celebrities

Words Jim Davis | February 27, 2012
Mercedes-Benz concluded the award season by hosting its annual exclusive invite-only viewing party at the Soho House
Words Jim Davis February 27, 2012

While most of us were at home in front of our tv last night, Hollywood A-listers were out and about for Oscar night fun. With all the coverage of the 84th Academy Awards that aired last night, red carpet, behind the scenes, the Oscar show itself, a very important section was left out – what kind of cars the celebs came and left in.  Had they shown this, you would have seen several Mercedes-Benz vehicles, and not just any Mercedes-Benz, eco-friendly ones.

When it comes to Mercedes-Benz vehicles and Hollywood, there is no shortage of ties especially with the availability of BlueTEC clean diesel and Hybrid vehicles that provide a luxurious ride with better fuel economy making them a GREEN choice for top stars moving around the car congested streets of Los Angeles during award season.

Last night, Mercedes-Benz concluded award season by hosting its annual exclusive invite-only viewing party at the Soho House in West Hollywood. Attendees included Claire Danes, James Franco, Jamie King, Rashida Jones, Bryan Cranston, Peter Facinelli, Gilles Marini, Maria Menounos and Max Azria.

Hollywood’s most notable talent who choose Mercedes-Benz for their green transportation include Golden Globe winner and Academy Award nominee Michelle Williams, Golden Globe nominees Sofia Vergara and Bryan Cranston, 2011 Academy Award Best Actress Winner Natalie Portman, among others including Courteney Cox, Renee Zellweger, Diane Kruger, Freida Pinto and Dev Patel.

Mercedes-Benz offers 8 alternative powertrain vehicles in the U.S. from the all-new 2012 M-Class BlueTEC SUV to the popular S400 Hybrid, which is a top choice for many in the entertainment business that deal with daily city traffic. The S400 Hybrid includes a convenient start-stop function that turns off the gasoline engine below nine mph when braking to a stop. When the S400 HYBRID is at a traffic light, for example, the gasoline engine is off, but the AC compressor and steering pump are operated electrically, so air conditioning and power steering are fully operational. When the brakes are released, the gasoline engine is started automatically, and works with the electric motor for seamless performance.

Mercedes-Benz kicked off award season as a title sponsor of the Palm Springs International Film Festival and continues to make the rounds throughout the 2012 award season as the eco transportation of choice among a select group of actors and actresses.