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Mercedes-Benz Style Unveils Furniture Collection in Milan

Words Jim Davis | April 16, 2012
The Mercedes-Benz design philosophy is oriented towards long-term effect rather than short-lived trends
Words Jim Davis April 16, 2012

Mercedes-Benz is bringing their unmistakable styling and high standard of quality to the living room with their latest furniture collection. In collaboration with the Formitalia Luxury Group, one of the leading Italian manufacturers of designer furniture, Mercedes-Benz Style has created a furniture collection consisting of one sofa, a chaise lounge, a dining room table, various chairs, a sideboard, a shelf unit with integrated home theatre system, a chest of drawers and a bed. The collection will be presented at the “Salone Internazionale del Mobile”, April 17 – 22, 2012 in Milan.

“The various pieces of furniture reflect the progressive, dynamic design idiom of our current show cars and concept vehicles, offering an exclusive, emotional experience outside our vehicles as well” says Gorden Wagener, Head of Design at Mercedes-Benz. The interplay between dynamic proportions, naturally stretched forms and curved lines conveys an extraordinary harmony and modern ease. The furniture gives the impression of floating in space.

Before Mercedes-Benz opened the Advanced Design Studio in February 1998, in the Villa Salazar near the shore of Lake Como, Italian fashion designer Gianni Versace produced bow-ties and neckties there. With its contemporary ceiling paintings, long corridors and different terracotta and wooden floors, the villa, built around 1750, is exceptionally inspiring for the 20 designers who work there. This also holds true for the region itself: the famous triangle between the cities of Como, Milan and Turin is a center of fashion and the furniture industry. Traditional crafts are highly valued there – an ideal environment for the Advanced Design Studio and the perfect place to create Mercedes-Benz Styles first furniture line.

The Mercedes-Benz Style furniture collection

Sofa Class (three-seater) MBS 001

Elegant and graceful lines, comfortable upholstery as well as lovingly created seam details and great workmanship: the “Class” leather sofa spreads a timeless and incomparable charm. An offset area in the backrest with rolling lines and artistic stitching accentuates the sofa’s particular dynamism and elegance. The sofa is presented in two colour variants: in black aniline leather with metal legs in matt graphite black; the second in pearl grey leather at the front and night blue leather on the rear and underside, as well as light, brilliant aluminium legs. Dimensions: 240 x 100 x H 70 cm

Dining table MBS 002

The four legs extend from the central aluminium beam like elegantly sculptured spokes. The optical lightness of this construction culminates in a grey-shaded transparent glass plate. The table is available in two frame variants: one in matte graphite black and another in a light satin finish. Dimensions: 248 x 90 x H 73 cm

Chair MBS 003

The futuristic-looking chairs set new standards in terms of shape and material. Through the exciting interplay of convex and concave lines, a dynamic shape is created which gives the chairs a particular air of lightness. A seat shell made of laminated wood ensures for perfect, long-lasting seating comfort. Two chairs will be presented: one with a seating area covered in night blue leather which offers an optical contrast to the grey wooden shell, and another upholstered with black material on the seating area and pearl grey leather-covered wooden shell. Dimensions: 58 x 57 x H 75 cm

Bed MBS 004

In the same way as with the chaise lounge, the bed’s sleek, elegant silhouette is also characterised by the three-dimensional form of the wooden frame. The pedestal in aluminium and the cover, either in material or leather, lend an optical contrast to the wood. The bed will be presented with a light grey wooden shell, light grey leather and contrasting stitching, which complement the grey-blue anodised aluminium frame. Dimensions: 190 x 222 x H 81 cm

Sideboard MBS 005

A well-proportioned, futuristic-looking sideboard on an aluminium frame. The front has a glass door with a surrounding bevel reminiscent of the air intake on a sports car. The sideboard will be presented in two variants: one with a dark grey painted surface and light satin-finish aluminium legs, the second with Mercedes-Benz original paint in indium silver metallic and metal legs in matt graphite black. Dimensions: 230 x 57 x H 72 cm

Chaise Longue MBS 006

The three dimensional formed wooden frame makes for an elegant and sleek silhouette, whilst at the same time, ensures the utmost level of lounge relaxation. The Aluminium pedestal and the cover, available in either material or leather, provide an optical contrast to the wood. The chaise lounge combines opulence and lightness. There are two colour and material variants on show: the first has anthracite-coloured fabric with a natural pattern, natural-coloured wooden shell and metal legs in matte graphite black; the second variant offers a beige leather cover, black wooden shell and light satin-finish aluminium legs. Dimensions: 171 x 80 x H 68 cm

Chest of Drawers MBS 007

The seemingly very light chest of drawers purposefully takes on the design idiom and design elements of the bed MBS 004 and supplements the product range for the bedroom. The chest of drawers will be presented in two variants: one with grey painted body and light grey leather-covered front, and the other with dark blue painted body and light grey open-pore wood front. Dimensions: 230 x 57 x H 72 cm

Home theatre system MBS 008

The system, with its pronounced, mirrored screen, is elegantly integrated into a shelf unit. The painted rear panel supports three wing-shaped wooden shelves. In Milan, the shelf units in Mercedes-Benz original paint indium silver metallic will be combined with a dark grey painted rear panel. Length: 461 cm