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Mercedes-Benz Shows Off Helicopter, Yacht and more for Charity

Words Jim Davis | August 17, 2014
Airbus Helicopters’ EC145 Airbus Mercedes-Benz Style helicopter as well as a two-meter-long model of a new luxury motor yacht, the Arrow 460 Granturismo, are special highlights of the Mercedes-Benz Style show
Words Jim Davis August 17, 2014

Mercedes-Benz Style presented its luxury designer products at the 23rd McCall’s Motorworks Revival in Monterey. Rare classics, today’s best and highest-end in automobile production, as well as stylish motorcycles and first-class private jets characterize the ambiance at McCall’s Motorworks Revival. Every year, movie stars, moguls and members of the international jet set meet up at one of the most exclusive lifestyle events in the U.S. They use this occasion not just to indulge their passions but also to raise money for charities in a relaxed environment. For the first time, the annual event, which traditionally opens the Monterey Car Week, also included Mercedes-Benz Style designers and their luxury lifestyle products. Airbus Helicopters’ EC145 Airbus Mercedes-Benz Style helicopter as well as a two-meter-long model of a new luxury motor yacht, the Arrow 460 Granturismo, are special highlights of the Mercedes-Benz Style show. The “Silver Arrow of the Seas” will be completed in the coming year and be available to buyers as of 2016. Additional products from the designer line, such as exclusive eyewear, as well as high-end room fragrance systems and a visionary golf cart, round out the selection as prototypes of further product innovations.

From August 11th through the 17th, 2014, California’s Monterey Bay will offer the perfect setting for Monterey Car Week with its 33 exclusive, singular events. Automotive dream exhibits on the most beautiful golf courses California’s coast has to offer, auctions of motor rarities and collector’s items, motorcades along Pebble Beach and Carmel-by-the-Sea as well as historical vehicle races on the Laguna Seca Raceway draw automobile enthusiasts and fans from all over the world to Monterey every year. For the first time, Mercedes-Benz Style designers will participate in this world of luxury automobiles, showing the world their one-of-a-kind products. Since 2010, in addition to their classic automobiles, designers have been working on other product designs in cooperation with select partners under the label Mercedes-Benz Style. The designer label aims to carry over the distinctive, progressive style as well as the high standard for luxury and aesthetics associated with Mercedes-Benz into other spheres. This is how all Mercedes-Benz Style products stand out, through brand-typical dynamic and avant-garde designs characterized by sensual purity as an expression of modern luxury, uncompromising quality, and a selection of premium materials and perfect craftsmanship. The Mercedes-Benz Style portfolio encompasses products in areas such as mobility, lifestyle, sports, and interior design.

Luxury helicopter by Airbus Helicopters

The first product to hit the market in 2011 was the EC145 Mercedes-Benz Style helicopter by Airbus Helicopters. Mercedes designers created the interior, which is characterized by the highest variability and exquisite materials. All the seats are mounted on tracks and can be arranged in a wide variety of configurations in just a few steps to accommodate between four and eight people or to be removed completely to make room for luggage. The EC145 Mercedes-Benz Style is tailored to luxury-class business and leisure travel. To date, six luxury helicopters have been manufactured.

14-meter-long motor yacht

The “Silver Arrow” motor yacht, designed and built by Mercedes-Benz and Silver Arrow Marine (SAM), captivates at first sight with its visionary style and design. The sea-faring Granturismo combines traditional Mercedes-Benz automotive design elements with innovation heretofore unseen in the boating industry. The automobile designers developed the yacht’s innovative style and floor plan, shaped both exterior and interior, and selected the materials and color schemes. At a length of 14 meters, the Arrow 460 Granturismo captivates with innovative versatility and an intelligent use of space. The motor yacht is suited for day trips but also offers overnight accommodations. The first yacht will be completed in the coming year and be available to buyers as of 2016.

One-of-a-kind design: Mercedes-Benz Style eyewear collection

In January 2013, Mercedes-Benz Style eyewear collection celebrated their sales launch. The new designs were created by renowned eyewear designer Rodenstock in cooperation with Mercedes-Benz designers. Mercedes-Benz and Rodenstock combine manufacturing know-how, tradition, and high-class quality.

High-end room fragrance systems for exclusive Mercedes-Benz fragrances

The show will also include functional prototypes of a high-end fragrance system for home, hotel, and office that is nearing the series production stage. The technology is based on the AIR-BALANCE package currently available as an option for S and C Class automobiles. The air fragrance system consists of two parts: a glass vial with a function header, and a fragrance generator. When creating the fragrance system, Mercedes-Benz designers were inspired by the shape of the pebbles along the Californian coast. Four luxury scents–DOWNTOWN MOOD, NIGHTLIFE MOOD, SPORTS MOOD, FREESIDE MOOD–created in cooperation with renowned perfumer Marc vom Ende, provide subtle scents that are both mild and unobtrusive. In 2013, the S Class was the first car worldwide to offer an active and customizable fragrance system.

Sporty vision: Mercedes-Benz Vision golf cart

The prototype of this visionary golf cart, created by Mercedes-Benz designers at the Advanced Design Center in Carlsbad, California, is far ahead of its time. Running on an electric motor that draws its power from a solar module integrated on its roof, the cart contains the most modern technology. Almost all of the cart’s functionality can be operated on a touchscreen. The center console contains a multimedia panel with an iPad or iPhone docking station and USB port, enabling communication with other golf carts or the clubhouse. Up-to-date weather reports and rain radar are also available at any time. What’s more, you can write emails or share digital scorecards or pictures and videos of your game directly via social media channels. The interior’s bold design is reminiscent of the sensual purity of the current Mercedes-Benz design. What stands out: the cart has a great deal of storage space. Additional technical innovations make the Mercedes-Benz Vision Cart a unique melding of Mercedes-Benz automobile features with the functionality of a golf cart. In addition to use on the golf course, the visionary golf cart is also entirely roadworthy.